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Sheriff Misrepresents? the Facts at Townhall

Despite Knezovich's claims, Briels never had to apologized for his remarks.

Sheriff Misrepresents? the Facts at Townhall

Sheriff Misrepresents? the Facts at Townhall

by Shari Dovale

A public Townhall was organized by the Spokane County Republican (SCR) group to highlight Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and 2 of his cohorts.

The main event was Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

The Sheriff is well known to spend his time hating Conservative Christians, like Rep. Matt Shea. To make his points, he presented his version of facts, that didn’t necessarily line up with what we know to be true.

For example, Knezovich highlighted the events at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon in early 2016. He brought these events into play because he likes to blame Rep. Matt Shea, and imply that he either organized this takeover, or was at least involved in it … somehow?

Knezovich considers himself to be an expert on these events since he had Sheriff Ward of Harney County on his radio podcast sometime back. That should be enough to make one an expert, right?

However, one of the points that he made was directed at the former Fire Chief of Harney County, Chris Briels, who resigned his position when he lost trust in his government. One of the reasons for this was that he found FBI agents to be posing as dishonest people and seemingly to be militia members, apparently to stir up and confuse the citizens in the county.

Knezovich stated that this never happened and Briels “actually had to apologize for [those remarks].”.

Watch the video below, beginning at 53:45.

I spoke to Chris Briels. He made it very clear to me that he never lied, never misrepresented the facts and NEVER had to apologize to anyone for these comments. He told the truth then, and he stands by his comments today.

So, how about it Sheriff? Briels is quite willing to discuss this with you. How about you come forth and tell us where you got your false information?

This is just the latest in the long line of disinformation pushed out at this townhall. I think we have seen that all of those involved with the planning and presenting have their own personal agenda and they are willing to do anything to get their way.


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7 Comments on Sheriff Misrepresents? the Facts at Townhall

  1. Knezovich, or Ozzie, or Mr. Ethical, or the Wizard (behind the curtain) is a white-hot hater of Matt Shea. Many are unclear as to when the hatred started, but it has been unabated for years. Oz continually dredges up some of the lowest and most devious members of society to sling dirt against Matt. The latest parade was started by a former “security” guard that may have been jilted. Mr. KKKnezovich has employed a number of informants in his office, not to uncover crime, but to go after his own critics. Once an informant is infatuated with their own self-importance, they seldom if ever, tell the truth about anything.

  2. About Mr Shea….As is well known, I was at Malhure from the first day, and am one of those tried – and acquitted – with Ammon and Ryan in Portland…They, Ammon and Ryan and Lavoy, were our leaders, and as much as I admire Matt I never heard a hint of him being involved…Knezovich is just flailing around with such a bizarre accusation..He’s full of excrement up to his eyeballs..

    • And yet, Knezovich seemingly never condemned this statement from Kate Brown, that mobilized her forces to kill Lavoy.

      “But I will say this … The situation is absolutely intolerable and it must be must be resolved immediately. The very fabric of this community is being ripped apart,” Brown said on Wednesday at a news conference.”

      The internet doesn’t forget, and some of us sideliners haven’t either.

  3. We know you Chris, and know we can take everything you say to the bank…You are one of the true heros to come forth in those wild times..From faraway Los Osos I salute you !

  4. My name is Chris Briels and I spoke the truth and have had no reason not to. The Sherriff has been mislead and is misimformed.

  5. It’s strange how we have reversed the Liberty to mean Controlled and Controlled to mean Liberty thing. I was taken by this article for a few reasons. The first is that this creep downloads his creepiness into folk that aren’t willing or capable of independent thought.

    We see this in the Progressive arena at all levels. Go ahead and ask one where their narrative started. They will tell you it doesn’t matter who initiated it, only that they believe it to be correct. That’s a scary person, not the Christian that has source material for their followership.

    The second and only other issue about Knezovich is this Deputy under his tutelage, and what was revealed by the Deputies willingness to follow blindly. Not only does Knezovich not like Christian, he’s against Constitutionalists, both of which are the most law abiding in society. He even had the stones to say how WA State has done numerous things to secure our 2nd Amendment rights. Watch and read for yourselves.

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