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Seeking Judicial Accountability Across America

Legislators are often placed in a precarious position due to pressure from judges.

Seeking Judicial Accountability Across America

Seeking Judicial Accountability Across America

By Tim Ravndal

Redoubt News has been on the front lines looking at problems within the judicial branch.  We reported on the tragedy with LaVoy Finicum.  We called for help with the tragedy that took place in the prosecution of Joe Robertson. Recently we came into full contact with another level of corruption that is directly tied to the judicial branch. 

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has been making headlines in case after case of allegations of child abuse and theft by the government. Debi Westlake along with John Walton have been calling for help to fight for their children.  Raye and Keith Newmeyer spent nearly every day at the legislature this past session calling for help.

Each time we go to a government agency or an official in the judicial system, we are readily met with closed doors.  Certain individuals that are being consumed by this system are having gag orders placed on them because they are seeking accountability and transparency.  Some of those that are standing up to fight for their rights are even being thrown in jail.

Citizens across Montana continue watch and hope for the restoration of the Constitutional Republic that is run for and by the people. Over multiple legislative cycles, the people have looked towards the Montana Legislature to fix the broken judicial system.

Unfortunately legislators are often placed in a precarious position due to pressure from judges. Even lawyers that are pressured by judges are regularly lobbying the legislature every 2 years.  Is that action on behalf of the people?  Many claim it is not, and instead an act by the judicial system to further enhance the power over the government and the people.

The cry for help has been getting louder with each case that we help expose for the general public.  We seek the facts to share with the people but often our request is put on the shelf for indefinite lengths of time resulting in our request becoming moot. Distortion of the cause of action followed up by a manipulation of the laws results in total control of the judicial system.

Bart Crabtree from Great Falls Montana was convicted on seemingly fishy charges of theft, and spent 17 months incarcerated by the officials responsible for an oath to defend the Constitution.  He sought legal help from across Montana but the judicial system had him locked out.  In his search for help, he came across “The National Forum On Judicial Accountability” and contacted them.

Zena Crenshaw-Logal was keynote speaker at an event held in Great Falls, Montana sponsored by Report Injustice Montana-Montana Forum on Judicial Accountability and the National Forum On Judicial Accountability.

Zena is a legal scholar tasked with seeking remedies to efficiently expose problems in the judicial branch across America.  She reminded everyone at the event that President Trump is constantly under attack by the judicial branch to no avail.

Zena took on the 7th Circuit and found corruption within the judicial branch had complete power.  The Supreme Court of Indiana was forced to hear from Zena appearing pro se as she brought action in district court to challenge Rule 23 of Indiana’s attorney disciplinary rules. She alleged that a subpoena issued to her by the Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Indiana violated her constitutional rights. US Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit- 170 f.3d 725.

The organization presents the citizens of Montana an opportunity to fight for their rights, to remedy short term problems and establish and maintain a long range accountability program.  Stay tuned for more information on judicial accountability.


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3 Comments on Seeking Judicial Accountability Across America

  1. Ele mentions case precedent as one of the problems with our ‘justice’ system. I would posit that it is the primary problem.

    The Constitution is supposed to be the “Supreme Law of the Land”. However, rulings are no longer made using the original intent of the Constitution (COTUS), and in fact rarely is it even mentioned at all. ‘Precedent’ has instead taken root in all phases of our so-called justice system, whereby one unconstitutional judicial ruling is built on until the law becomes so irrational as to be totally unrecognizable from our COTUS.

    There are many easy examples. One would be the abortion ruling, whereby a fictional ‘right to privacy’ became the basis for murder. Another would be Obamacare, first a fee, then a tax, whatever it takes to achieve the ‘social goal’. None of this is in the COTUS.

    Readers of this website are familiar with the case of Lavoy Finicum and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was murdered by Federal and State ‘law’ officers. It was a pre-planned attack with multiple stages, totally unnecessary. There will be no justice for Lavoy, because the entire command chain is guilty along with everyone involved with it’s execution. They will never be charged.

    Those who realize what this means know that there is no “Equal Justice Under the Law”. This is without even considering the treacherous proceedings in Washington which have become business as usual. When there is no justice, there is no peace. History is very clear on this point. When enough people wake up and realize this, or something bad enough happens to trigger an awakening, all hell will break loose.

    So, what to do and how to turn it around? There is no substitute for a moral and religious people, which we are no longer. 95% of our “Laws” are no such thing…they are the tyranny of the gang of nine (supreme court). It is still possible to turn it around at the ballot box, but it will take sustained effort by true Constitutional Patriots across all three branches of Federal, State, and Local government.

    Without it, our Republic will fall just like California has.

  2. After this “training” and doing more research, it’s becoming clearer that government has more training sessions, workshops, tutorials etc on how to screw We the Public, by specific codes & statutes. Who gave the training? The Director of MSU Local Government Center. Their Mission:
    “To strengthen the capacities of local governmental units
    and provide training, technical assistance, and research
    services to elected, appointed, and administrative officials.” You’ve heard of “white privilege” ? “Male privilege”? What we’re witnessing is “government privilege” which was quietly and incrementally dispersed throughout the MCA, by legislature and case precedent. I’m finding codes that even state legislators never heard of. Stay tuned.

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