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Radical Islamic Ideology in the United Nations

Radical Islamic Ideology in the United Nations

Dr. Duke talks with Rep. Matt Shea about Muslim Brotherhood’s multi-phase plan to infiltrate the United States government, and point out proof that it’s already happening.

H/T The New American

Recent interview exposing the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Interestingly some local people are defending the MB, an actual terrorist organization (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Osama bin Laden, and Ayman al-Zawahiri belonged the Muslim Brotherhood)

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1 Comment on Radical Islamic Ideology in the United Nations

  1. The title “Radical Islamic Ideology in the United Nations” is misleading, as most articles about Islam are.

    The title seems to separate “radical” islam from, I suppose, “regular, religion of peace” islam. There is no difference between the two. Both are violent, both want to rule the world, both preach kill the infidel, and both not only tolerate but push slavery of women and captives.

    Islam is not a religion. It is a violent, conquest by any means, rule by force political organization posing as a religion. You must believe the ‘prophet muhammed’ (a warlord, nothing more) is the only voice of Allah, and that Allah is the only true God. This God orders his followers to kill everyone who does not believe, to plunder, rape, and enslave, and to continue to do so until the world is all under islamic rule. Oh by the way islam didn’t come along until 600+ years AFTER Jesus Christ, and borrows heavily from the bible and the Torah.

    What garbage. The western civilization has been at war with this tyranny since it’s inception. The crusades were fought to defeat islamic rule which had spread far into Europe, and to reclaim the holy land.

    For the truth about islam and the poison it spreads, check out this website: You won’t find a better, more complete, easy to understand reference.

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