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Now You Can Buy A Car and Get an AR

"God, Guns and America” promotion runs runs through November

Now You Can Buy A Car and Get an AR

Now You Can Buy A Car and Get an AR

by Shari Dovale

How much more American can you get, short of serving apple pie in the showroom? By offering a gun with every vehicle purchase, of course!

A car dealer in South Carolina is promoting his country in this very unusual way, and going viral in the process.

Carolina Ford is offering a semi-automatic rifle voucher, Bible and U.S. flag with every vehicle sale. The “God, Guns and America” promotion, announced in a post on their Facebook page, runs runs through November, according to The State.

Customers who take advantage of the deal will receive a $400 voucher for a Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle at a nearby gun store, Locked N Loaded. The gun store will conduct background checks, and buyers must pass those checks before receiving a firearm.

You purchase a vehicle [and] you will be actually leaving the dealership with a Bible and your American flag. We will give a voucher to you to go to a local reputable gun store,” Carolina Ford General Manager Derrick Hughes said to NBC 8 News.

The promotion gained the Honea Path dealership national attention.

We’ve had people from as far as Texas [and] Pennsylvania. I think we’ve had a couple of them from Oklahoma,” Hughes said.

The owner of Locked N Loaded wanted to make it very clear they just aren’t giving away guns. Ashley said customers who plan to redeem the voucher have to pass required background checks.

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2 Comments on Now You Can Buy A Car and Get an AR

  1. Their courage to Defend the 2nd Amendment will give them a lot of free advertisement in media headlines. Of course only 2A supporters will take advantage of the sale but those who don’t support it will be buying from them in a few weeks. After all, they can’t remember the criminal activity of the previous administration so why should they remember a car sale ?

  2. I’ll take the gun but pass on the vehicle. Pushing is something I don’t like doing but do appreciate there courage in defending the 2nd.

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