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Liberty Summit 2019 – Stellar Lineup of Speakers

Please visit and learn how you can help!

Liberty Summit 2019 - Stellar Lineup of Speakers

Liberty Summit 2019 – Stellar Lineup of Speakers

Sponsored by, the Liberty Summit 5 was held in Challis, Idaho this summer with an Allstar lineup of speakers. This was a full weekend at the Living Waters Ranch, including a mine tour and more.

The speakers had presentations well worth your time listening to, covering a range of important topics. These included:

Mark Herr, Center for Self-Governance – The Art of Political Chess: Building Habit, Practice, and Long-Training in Self-governance

Dr. Duke Pesta, Freedom Project Academy – Campus Corruption: Colleges Undermining the Republic

Russ Smerz – American Laws for American Courts

Shannon PoeAmerican Mining Rights Association

Alex Newman – The New American, Presentation: Get Them Out!: Rescuing Our Kids From Public Schools

Ammon Bundy – Jurisdiction, the Boundaries of Liberty

Congressman Russ Fulcher – Introduction to Congress


Idaho On Fire was organized to change the political agenda that is mismanaging “Public Lands”, abolishing future economic opportunities and locking them up in Wilderness forever. The purposeful actions that continue to let our forests burn are removing historic economic opportunity leaving only the politically connected enriched and empowered. These environmentally sponsored policies must be challenged and changed.

Our federal government has been completely co-opted by environmental policy. Policies and federal laws that have been used by the BLM and USFS to lay waste to those foundational enterprises and liberties that Made America Great.

Years of unabated wildfire and the death and destruction that it has wrought, is only one of many failures purposely perpetrated on the Western Way of Life. It doesn’t have be this way. In fact, the architecture that has restructured all federal agencies is Globalist in nature with a top-down power structure repugnant to Constitutional principles.

Everyone needs to push back. Please visit the site and learn how you can help!


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