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Ken Lawrence For Mayor of Sandpoint

Please vote on Tuesday, November 5th.

Ken Lawrence For Mayor of Sandpoint

Ken Lawrence For Mayor of Sandpoint


The Farm Bureau held a forum for City council candidates this week, and four of the liberal candidates failed to show up. In the mayoral race, only the incumbent, Rognstad, and challenger Ken Lawrence were present to talk about the issues.

This race is of intense interest to many, because under Rognstad and his Council chair, Williamson, the City has taken an accelerated turn to the left. On the Council and in their campaigns, their priorities are the same, but they are out of sync with many citizens who would like to see more attention paid to problems they face every day.

Rognstad’s answers to the top concerns voiced by the audience were underwhelming. A shortage of affordable housing, downtown parking, the condition or lack of residential sidewalks, and a deteriorating, polluting wastewater treatment plant received rather vague comments, no clear solutions, and blame on lack of funds. The audience expected better from an “experienced” candidate with six years on the Council and additional years on the Planning & Zoning Committee.

There has been a significant rise in the City’s budget since he has been in office, so it seems that a change in spending priorities is in order: less emphasis on making Sandpoint an arts community preoccupied with tourism, more on sufficient housing and good infrastructure. In other words, down-to-earth, common-sense government.

Let’s elect the candidate who has stepped up to do exactly that – Ken Lawrence, longtime resident and businessman, who understands what Sandpoint needs.

Tami Gardner
Sandpoint Idaho


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