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John Green Abandons His Post

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John Green Abandons His Post

John Green Abandons His Post

Claiming that he will be more effective here in Kootenai County, than down there in Boise, a first term lawmaker has thrown his hat into the Kootenai County Sheriff’s race. A race that he lost two times before. John Green was hired by Kootenai County voters to represent them in Boise, but after only a year on the job, he announced that he wants to move on to something better.

He promised to run a squeaky-clean campaign himself, but that didn’t stop a Jingle Heimer from another state from spewing trash on his radio broadcast about the other candidates, only to endorse Green afterwards.

Green failed to secure the confidence of the voters twice before, because his message did not resonate with them. Clearly, Kootenai County voters see him as their Representative, but not their Sheriff.

So why is he running now? In his own words, he couldn’t beat the incumbent. That spin may find some traction in his head but consider the current Bonner County Sheriff. He handily took down the most intrenched political machine that controlled the county for decades. So, it can be done, but it won’t be done by Green. His timing is as rotten as his excuses. He has thrown his hat into a race that has been honorably cultivated by another liberty minded candidate. But to Green, that candidate isn’t as pure as he is.

If I lived in Kootenai County, I wouldn’t be bamboozled by Green’s confident demeanor. No, I would be furious, because I remember Raul Labrador’s stunt during the last Republican Primary. Hmmm … where is Raul now?

Mildred Barney
Lewiston native

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4 Comments on John Green Abandons His Post

  1. There’s IS much to be said by example about the debacle Raul Labrador created by escaping Congress to a failed run as Idaho Governor. If I believed in such a falacy as “karma”, that would be a good example.

  2. Well Mildred, considering that you live in liberal Latah County and not Kootenai County, your opinion means nothing. John Green is a solid Christian man of integrity. I live in Kootenai County and I will be supporting John Green for Sheriff.
    Oh, and Spence, you forgot something else about Mr. Norris, he has deep ties to the feds and the Mossad. He brags about it all on his website. Not the type that I want as the top cop in Kootenai County.

  3. Hi Mildred:

    I actually live Kootenai County and quite frankly don’t understand your vitriol against the only Sheriff candidate with a voting record? Have you looked at the other candidates? Let’s be informed voters before we start throwing trash at someone who is actually fighting for your rights in Boise. Wouldn’t you want someone upholding your rights in the County? Well, maybe the criminal element would not.

    For instance, did you know that Rick Whitehead is from Texas and he was a democrat there and a republican here? How about John Grimm who has never held a political office and has NO LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE? Don’t you think the Deputies that work for the county and the elected sheriff have a right to have someone with true experience to lead them? Then there is Mr. Norris, who recently arrived from Los Angeles and has only voted once in the county in the General Election. That means his political affiliation is unknown because if you vote in the Primary you have to choose between a Democrat or a Republican.

    Representative John Green has been a deputy sheriff, he has a solid voting record and will bring integrity and experience to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office. Yes, John Green will have my vote and all of my true conservative friends who are closely watching the Sheriff’s race.

  4. Calm down Mildrid. The verdict is not in, so don’t shoot the messenger. I was reading the only report I’ve received from the conservative/patriot side of the Kootenai County sheriff’s race issue.
    I know John Green to be a constitutionally-minded public servant. He is a good man. I have since begun corresponding with several of the other candidates, to sit down with them and learn more about them myself. There are some solid candidates who are good people and would do a fine job. I cannot say at this time, after meeting with and corresponding some of these candidates, who would be the absolutely best choice for Kootenai County (in my assessment). Although, I do have some strong leanings which I will keep to myself at this time.
    If the elections were three weeks ago, I would have voted for John Green.
    I’m still assessing. Stay tuned.
    To point out that I am from “another state” [other than Idaho?], is presumptuous, especially coming from someone who indicates she does not even live in Kootenai County, yet has plenty of opinions about the elected officials here (or is it… over there?).
    Stay tuned Mildred. We’re all patriots and want what is best, and God willing, that is what we will get in terms of a sheriff in the heart of the ‘free zone.’
    Opinions and emotions are running high on this election.
    In the fight for liberty, our heritage, and all we hold dear, sincerely,
    John Jacob Schmidt
    Radio Free Redoubt

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