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Impeach the Mother (BEEP)er

Why did the Democrats rush to impeachment before the complaint or the transcript were available?

Impeach the Mother (BEEP)er

Impeach the Mother (BEEP)er

by Brent Regan

If you only listen to the news you would likely believe that the House of Representatives has opened formal impeachment proceedings against President Trump based on a credible Whistleblower Complaint of a telephone call where Trump engaged in a Mafia style shakedown of the Ukrainian president and where he threatened to withhold aid in exchange for dirt on Biden and would be sending Rudy Guliani and A.G. Barr to collect that information and took steps to cover up the record of this call and that the president violated his oath of office and posed a threat to democracy….and you would be completely wrong about every aspect.

Pelosi launched an Impeachment Inquiry, which is not an Impeachment Proceeding, before the Whistleblower report was released to the public. The inquiry was therefore launched based only on rumors of what may be included in the report. No evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor whatsoever was at hand, and still isn’t.

The report was sold as being a “credible urgent concern” however the guidance to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG) is:

In order to find an urgent concern “credible,” the IC IG must be in possession of reliable, first-hand information. The IC IG cannot transmit information via the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA) based on an employee’s second hand knowledge of wrongdoing.”

The Whistleblower Complaint contained NO first-hand information. It only contained allegations from anonymous officials, so the complaint is not credible by definition. Also the officials who did have first-hand information apparently did not feel the need to file their own complaint(s). According to The Federalist (1) the Disclosure of Urgent Concern form was revised within days of the Complaint being released and the revision added check box where the complainant could indicate “I heard about it from others.” However, the definition of “credible” did not change.

The Complaint (2) itself is proof that second hand information, also known as “hearsay,” is not credible as the Complaint contains multiple misrepresentations and falsehoods concerning the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. How do we know? Trump released the transcript (3) from the call. The transcript was created by three stenographers (think Court Reporter) in the Situation Room who listened to the call. They checked the three transcripts for accuracy and then produced the official copy.

This transcript discredits the Whistleblower’s complaint so proponents of impeachment claim the transcript is not accurate. This is baseless as every courtroom in the country uses only one court reporter where this transcript used three. If this method was not accurate, everyone would know it.

Critics claim the president attempted to cover up the transcript by moving it to a top secret server. It is true it was moved but this is also true for ALL transcripts of calls with foreign leaders since early in the administration when a 2017 call to the Mexican president was leaked to the media. It is essential that foreign leaders can have a private conversation with the president without it leaking to the press.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, oligarchs and their corruption filled the power vacuum. This is true to this day and Ukraine is struggling to establish the rule of law. Recently elected President Zelenskyy ran on an anti-corruption platform. It would be wise to see if he is successful in tamping down the rampant corruption before sending Ukraine millions in aid. It is also important to understand that the Obama administration had a prohibition against giving military aid (lethal weapons) to Ukraine. Trump has agreed to supply Javelin Anti-Tank missiles for the first time. Being cautious about that is wise.

A reading of the transcript shows that Trump and Zelenskyy exchanged pleasantries and then discussed EU countries not doing enough to help Ukraine. Zelenskyy says that Trump is right 1,000% about others not doing enough. Zelenskyy then says “we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.” This indicates that Zelenskyy is NOT waiting on the US. At the time of the call, Trump was not withholding aid from Ukraine so there could not have been a Quid Pro Quo.

Trump then says he would like a favor of Zelenskyy to “find out what happened” with Russian election interference through Crowdstrike and the server which Ukraine allegedly has. Trump goes on to say “I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it.”

Zelenskyy responds enthusiastically and tells Trump about investigation efforts already underway. He then says that one of his assistants spoke with Mr. Giuliani and Zelenskyy asks Trump to have Giuliani travel to Ukraine so that he can meet with him. Zelenskyy is the first to mention Giuliani and welcomes his involvement.

Trump then tells Zelenskyy that he knows about the prosecutor situation and that he would have Giuliani call Zelenskyy (as requested). He then asks Zelenskyy to “look into” the prosecutor situation and that Biden was “bragging that he stopped the prosecution.” Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin’s sworn affidavit (4) supports that Biden extorted Ukraine.

It is entirely appropriate for the chief law enforcement officer of the United States to ask another country’s leader to look into potential corruption. Particularly true for Ukraine with which we have a mutual assistance treaty.

Zelenskyy then outlines steps he is taking to ensure honest government and better relations. He then says “I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide to us,” to help with their investigation. Zelenskyy asks Trump for a favor.

The call ended with an exchange of pleasantries.

Trump NEVER asked for “dirt on Biden”. He simply said that Biden had bragged that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired and Trump would like Zelenskyy to “look into it.”

Proponents of impeachment cry “Nobody is above the law.” This is true, even for Joe Biden. You do not get a shield of protection from the law if you are a candidate for office. In fact, many claim that our elected officials need to be held to a higher standard. And they are, it’s called an election.

Democrats have been calling for impeachment since the day Trump was elected. They sell T-shirts emblazoned with Rashida Tlaib’s infamous “Impeach the Mother (BEEP)er.” Adam Schiff told America that he had seen direct evidence of “Russian Collusion” when there was none. Representative Al Green laments that he is “concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.” Hillary continues to spout a litany of reasons why the election was “stolen from her.” Chairman Adam Schiff lied to the Intelligence Committee about the contents of the Trump Zelenskyy transcript. He then said that it was a parody and not a lie. News flash, a parody IS a lie because it is not the truth. Schiff lied to congress and the American people…again.

The people who claim they are saving “democracy” are in fact trying to overturn the legal outcome of a national election; they are subverting democracy in their quest for power.

So why did the Democrats rush to impeachment before the complaint or the transcript were available? One explanation is that they wanted to “shape the battlefield” by telling people what they wanted them to think was in the complaint and transcript knowing that most people would not read the source material. Most people are happy to have their opinions programmed into them through the main stream media. Once their initial impression is set it is very difficult to change it even with a mountain of facts.

To review, Trump and Zelenskyy had a usual conversation where each leader asked the other for cooperation in getting to the bottom of corruption. A member of the intelligence community (a spy) wrote a complaint based on second hand information, which is the definition of not credible. It is obvious from the form and style that the complaint was written by an attorney, likely more than one. Chairman Schiff had the complaint for a month (5) before it was released and used that time to coordinate a rollout. Trump’s release of the actual transcript, which the Whistleblower did not have, short circuited the Schiff rollout and put the democrats in scramble mode.

The Democrats have been so utterly fixated on removing Trump from office that they are unable to do anything else. They are Ahab and Trump is their white whale. The Trump impeachment is the revenge high they have been craving and when you go on a mission of revenge, dig two graves. Once they have spent themselves in this impeachment orgy they will discover, to their chagrin that their credibility as leaders will be at a new record low. Because of this, many Trump supporters also want impeachment as it will cement Trump’s reelection.

It is likely the Democrat controlled House will scrape together the 218 votes needed to pass Articles of Impeachment. It is highly unlikely that the Senate will have the 2/3 supermajority needed to remove Trump from office. If Trump were removed, the uncertainty would cause the financial markets to collapse. That uncertainty would be short-lived as there is nothing to prevent Trump from continuing to run for a second term. Americans would see the impeachment circus for the political travesty it is and rally behind the underdog Trump and Americans love an underdog.

Impeached or not. Removed or not. Every path forward has a high probability of a second Trump term. Democrats know this and it appears to be driving them insane.




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2 Comments on Impeach the Mother (BEEP)er

  1. Thank you, Brent, for your well researched article…your expose fills out what most of us have suspected or have seen only in outline…Where the rubber meets the road however, your last sentence puts it in a nutshell – Trump is driving the Dem/Domestic enemies insane, and the looming prospect of four more years has them flailing about hysterically..Granted that much of their hyperbole is mere virtue signaling, there’s danger that, after Trump’s re-election, some of their wingnuts may decide to take matters into their own hands….

  2. It looks in all respects like the democrats have gone completely insane. I would remind everyone however that an insane mind is still capable of rational, if sociopathic, thought.

    When it is so blatantly obvious to all rational, thinking people that the emperor has no clothes, yet the democrats and their followers continue to insist that he does, one can only conclude that facts simply don’t matter and that in their world the irrational reigns supreme.

    Communism has proven a murderous failure every time, and continues to do so even at this very moment in history. Doesn’t make any difference to democrats. “Climate change” has been proven time and again to be a giant LIE, once again, democrats don’t care. Democrat policies are destroying everything they affect…cities, states, families. Doesn’t make any difference…more lies will make it better in the democrat mind.

    Back to the rational part of the democrat mind. This must be all sideshow to the real plan…just a distraction to keep the masses busy while the invisible hand does it’s work. One day we’ll wake up and see what their plan was, but it may be too late.

    It’s hard to think like a psychopath when you aren’t one, but the democrats are up to something more than just impeachment. Be on the lookout for it, prepare for it, and be ready to take action.

    Semper Fidelis

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