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Is The Glass Half Full, Or Half Empty?  

Degenerating standards have been accepted in most areas of our nation

Is The Glass Half Full, Or Half Empty?

Is The Glass Half Full, Or Half Empty?

By Pete Ketcham

There is an old adage that illustrates the difference in attitudes concerning a present situation. The supposed positive attitude is that the glass is half full of water, and be thankful that there is still some left, whereas the negative attitude is that the glass is half empty, and half of the original amount has been lost. It is somewhat difficult to determine what the prevailing attitude among the God fearing conservatives today is concerning our national situation, is the glass is half empty or half full?

It presently seems that the conservatives do not understand, or perhaps have forgotten how far down the scale we have come since the 60’s baby boomer generation began this national downward plunge. The main element of this decline is neither the economy nor the political world, but has been our deteriorating moral standards. These degenerating standards have been accepted in most areas of our nation, including the national public school system, which as we know, creates the “movers & shakers” that determine the moral course of this nation.

Many articles (mine included) have always had a positive spin, in the sense that “we are fed up, and are not going to take it anymore”, and thus we are going to change it all.

Also, the conservative talk shows (and many other types of conservative medium) spend a great deal of time informing us how bad the situation is, which I believe is an important element in the fight to save our constitutional republic nation, but unfortunately they offer no effective solutions or strategy. The sad reality is, we are losing ground on a daily basis, and have been for the last sixty years despite all our past and ongoing efforts to stop the moral downward plunge.

It is a positive thing that Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again”, and is in fact doing great things with the economy, the military, securing our boarders, and other issues, but through no fault of his own, is unable to slow down or stop the moral degeneration of our nation, and is thus “leaving the glass half empty”.

We all look ahead to the future, speculating if there is going to be an all out civil war, or  perhaps the illogical liberal policies that are controlling states like California and New York will eventually collapse by themselves (we are already seeing some of the catastrophic results of these policies), with the collapse being accelerated by the adoption of policies such as the completely insane “New Green Deal”.

It is difficult to really see the future of our nation, for we are “sailing in uncharted waters” we have never sailed in before, but one thing is for certain, we are headed for national chaos if the moral degeneration is not stopped and turned around. Unfortunately I see no entity, group, or politician that can begin to stop this fatal moral plunge, and thus the glass stands half full, but is draining it’s last remnants.


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1 Comment on Is The Glass Half Full, Or Half Empty?  

  1. You are quite right to point out that we have lost our moral compass. This is a key point of the communist plan to destroy the Republic – first the long march through the institutions coupled with the destruction of the family and Christian way of life.

    So today we have schools that teach elementary kids about about anal sex, communism is taught as a good thing, and our own history is either not taught at all or presented as “evil slave owners” addicted to “white priviledge”. Very few college graduates even know that we are a ‘Republic’, not a ‘Democracy’, and that we have three COEQUAL branches of the federal government.

    You also accurately point out that there are many talk about what the problems are, but few who have any realistic solutions to solve those problems. When you’re as far down the road to communism as we are, it’s not an easy thing to turn around.

    I would suggest that we turn first locally, and find those whom we can count on to survive whatever comes together. Seek to learn and operate on the original intent of the Constitution in all things.

    Second, turn the local effort in to state and federal action groups. Send emails, post tweets, etc. and don’t let any unconstitutional actions, or even articles stand unchallenged. Be strong and outspoken, firm and fearless. Know your rights and exercise them.

    Third, vote and get others to vote. Educate everyone you can on why our Republic is so dear and in danger. Help them get to the polls if necessary. Report all instances of illegal voting activity to the Sheriff’s office – take pictures, names, dates, times. Document vehicles etc so that criminal voting can be prosecuted. Don’t be deterred.

    Fourth, prepare for the failure of everything above. Stockpile weapons and ammunition, food, water and medicine. Have an alternative method for generating electricity. Be able to communicate with others via handheld shortwave at least. Practice with your weapons, comms, and with others so that you can protect your neighborhood/area of operation should the need arise.

    Fifth, stay alert, informed, and ready to go at a moments notice. This doesn’t mean just bug-out type stuff. It also means being organized enough so you can get out the vote, or get out the word to others to inform your representatives about current legislation, pro or con. Don’t always be negative…when something good happens, write a thank you note.

    Sixth, remember that we’re all in this together. Real Americans have no trouble recognizing each other regardless of race, color, creed, or religion. Real Americans know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Real Americans respect their own and others rights equally. Real Americans will not tolerate unequal justice and insist on full enforcement of our Bill of Rights regardless of the circumstances.

    These things are not easy. Few things worth having/keeping are. It is the difficulty of the fight that determines the value of the reward. I think our Republic is worth fighting for. Do you?

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