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Change is Needed in West Bonner School District

Vote for change on November 5th

Change is Needed in West Bonner School District

Change is Needed in West Bonner School District

As a resident of Priest River, Zone 3, I am concerned about the upcoming school board elections November 5th. I urge my neighbors not to vote for any incumbent!

Change is needed in West Bonner School district. The school board and our existing representatives have not done the job we elected them to do.

A quick visit to proves this, as our student’s Math Proficiency and College Ready test scores are abysmal.

The school board overall, and our representative now, show their lack of support for parental rights, as they oppose parental permission forms for extracurricular (and even controversial) school activities. They are marching lockstep with Common Core/Idaho Core curriculum (parents, BEWARE!).

I will be voting for change, starting with my vote for Troy Reinbold, on November 5th.

Jana Heinan
Priest River, Idaho

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  1. The school board says they are ham strung by the State from saying anything against Common Core but to me that is violating their First Amendment Rights to Free Speech. Boot them out and get some people in there that will work for the Tax Payers instead of the school employee union.

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