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Californians Recalling Another Governor?

You know you’re a terrible Governor when two different groups are running recall efforts against you.

Californians Recalling Another Governor?

Californians Recalling Another Governor?

By Shari Dovale

Californians are no stranger to booting their Governor if he does not measure up to expectations.

Gray Davis, 37th Governor of California

In 2003, they successfully recalled Gray Davis, a Democrat. The outcome of the recall election held on October 7, 2003, was that Davis was recalled in favor of Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The recall effort was the first successful recall of a California governor, and only the second recall of a state governor in American history.

Now, Californians are so disgusted with the far left extremist in the Governor’s chair, Gavin Newsom, they want to do it again.

There are currently two separate petitions to oust this radical extremist. One is sponsored by, and the other by

KCRA in Sacramento answers some of the questions raised:

“California is in desperate need of a course correction,” said Heatlie, one of the recall leaders.

Heatlie, a retired sheriff’s deputy from Yolo County, is trying to remove Newsom from office, blaming him for restricting gun owners’ rights and overturning the death penalty.

“The people voted for the death penalty to be maintained and streamlined,” Heatlie said. “That was the will of the people — and he came in and unilaterally overrode that.”

The governor is facing a second challenge from La Jolla doctor James Veltmeyer, who is an immigrant from Ecuador. He blames Newsom for making California a sanctuary state.

“This is an outrage,” Veltmeyer said. “California has become unlivable. It’s become a third world country, a country that I came from, you know, escaping socialism.”

What’s Newsom’s reaction to the recall effort?

Newsom was elected governor in a landslide last year with 62% of the vote. He doesn’t appear to be worried about the recall effort, which KCRA 3 asked him about directly.

“Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to pay much attention to it,” Newsom said. “I’m focused on, I think, 247 bills that are still on our desk. We’ve got until Sunday to get those done.”

You know you’re a terrible Governor when two different groups are running recall efforts against you.

It would seem, however, that they need to decide which petition they want to promote, as having 2 separate recalls could defeat them both.

To qualify the recall effort for the 2020 ballot, petitioners must collect 1,495,709 valid signatures, which is equivalent to 12% of the 12,464,235 votes cast in the last election for governor.


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7 Comments on Californians Recalling Another Governor?

  1. Removing the Governor will make no difference. California really is a communist state…ruled by a single party. Removing the head of the party won’t stop anything. There are at least three major problems with California: Open primaries, public employee unions, and segregation by geography. (There are many more of course)

    The “open primary” system makes it not only possible but probable that come election time you only have democrats to choose from. In this way the communist (single party) system makes it appear that there are free and fair elections when there is nothing of the kind. Rule by the communist party, or any single party over time, leads to total tyranny and destruction. History is very clear on this point.

    Public employee unions feed massive amounts of money into campaigns of those for big government (correct, the communist party) and makes it virtually impossible for anyone NOT in the party to win an election. Even if they do win, they won’t be able to change the “swamp” of entrenched corrupt interests of the bureaucracy.

    Finally, segregation by geography. Laws are passed that apply only to ‘rural’ areas, since they have almost no representation in the state senate. Things like the fire tax, private well seizure, and lately the mandatory electrical outages forced mostly on rural areas (note San Francisco and most Bay Area urban areas were unaffected). It goes much farther than that.

    So many things that rural people object to are being shoved down their throats by force. Massive gun control, tax per mile driven plans, double/triple septic fees, you name it, CA either has it or it’s on the drawing board. The long term plan is to drive everyone out of the rural areas and into the cities, and “return the land to nature”. Not by paying for it…but by seizing it when you don’t pay all the fees and taxes they dream up.

    California is a object lesson for the rest of us. People waited too long to take a stand, and now it’s too late. There is no peaceful way back to Republican democracy for California. We still have a choice…will we take it?

    • Spot on Mark! Even though Californian’s dumped Davis, Schwarzenegger was actually worse! Yes,Davis was a liberal incompetent,but he didn’t hide his liberal agenda. Schwarzenegger was a lying RINO.

      California is in a death spiral from which there is no hope of recovery. As you so astutely pointed out, California is the canary in the mine. When a state turns blue, it’s too late! We must all fight to keep Idaho Constitutional RED!

  2. Thanks Shari, for Covering the Left Coast..I’m in the thick of it here, on the bricks and gathering petitions. I can testify to a very strong surge against “Gruesome” as we call him, and people – good Americans – eager to see him gone..Many come charging up to the recall booth with “Where do I sign ? Where do I sign !” and put their name down with gusto..I’ve found it a very stimulating and satisfying exercise, having to be at the top of my game and fielding 101 questions from the public..Of course the occasional raving libtard shows up, but it’s funny, when I reply to their fulminations with calm, articulate and informed comment, they run off..I can’t argue with much of Mark’s comment – we-re in a hellufa state here, worse actually than he knows…All I can say is that booting this SOB is the job in front of us…we’ll take it – perhaps to the next level ? – from there..Audacity ! Audacity ! Audacity !

  3. Arrgh ! CORRECTION !..CORRECTION !…CORRECTION ! I’ll be at the roadside on Oct SEVENTEETH..not 15th…sorry Shari..

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