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Multiple States Likely To Cancel Republican Primaries

They have until October to finalize their decisions on delegate selection

Multiple States Likely To Cancel 2020 Republican Primaries

Multiple States Likely To Cancel
2020 Republican Primaries

by Shari Dovale

South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas will probably not be holding Republican primaries or caucuses in the upcoming presidential election cycle.

While the Left-Wing Extremists would like you to believe that this is some sort of power grab to thwart any opposition, it is just another point to their bias that they have skewed in the headlines.

It is not unusual for incumbent parties that have a strong president to throw all their backing towards that candidate. Canceling the primary or caucus saves a tremendous amount of money for the party, as they are the ones that must foot the bill.

Gallup reports that Trump’s approval numbers have been in the high 80s and above for Republicans. This indicates that no challenger is likely to win the nomination against him. Is it any wonder that these states do not want to spend their funds on a primary (or caucus in Nevada) that is basically predetermined?

Fox News explains:

Kansas Republican Party Executive Director Shannon Golden told Fox News that it won’t organize a caucus for the 2020 election because Trump is an elected incumbent from the Republican Party.

Historically, we have never held a caucus if we have an elected incumbent Republican in the White House,” she said in an email. “We will be giving President Trump the same treatment we have given every elected Republican dating back to Abraham Lincoln.”

The Arizona and South Carolina parties noted in statements that both the GOP and Democrats have opted out of primaries and caucuses in recent history:

This is nothing new, despite the media’s inauthentic attempt to portray it as such, “Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said. “Arizona Republicans are fired up to reelect President Trump to a second term and will continue to work together to keep America — and Arizona — great.”

Nevada’s Republican Party also confirmed that it would be taking up a proposal to opt out of the caucus.

Instead of wasting money on a caucus, the Nevada Republican Party’s central committee is going to vote on canceling it this weekend,” spokesman Keith Schipper said in a statement. “This is no different than what many states have done previously when an incumbent president is up for reelection. Making this change would allow us to save money and put it toward electing Republicans up and down the ballot next November.”

As they have until October to finalize their decisions on delegate selection, several more states may opt out of the primary process.


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