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Liberty State Exceeds All Expectations

There have been multiple attempts to manipulate a shut down of the movement, yet it seems that it may be backfiring.

Liberty State Exceeds All Expectations

Liberty State Exceeds All Expectations

by Shari Dovale

Puerto Rico is a solidly Democrat blue territory of the United States. They have wanted for years to become a state, yet have been held off due to the US Senate not wanted to upset the balance pf power. History shows us that when new states are formed, power must be allowed equal access.

A good example would be the Missouri Compromise. This was the legislation that provided for the admission of Maine to the United States as a free state along with Missouri as a slave state, thus maintaining the balance of power between North and South in the United States Senate.

Until now, there has not been a good option for helping Puerto Rico to achieve statehood. Now we have Liberty State, a solidly red section of Washington State that is striving for it’s freedom from the west side of the state. This could be the answer to Puerto Rico’s long awaited pleas.

However, there is no idea that will gain 100% of agreement with the public. Washington State is currently Democrat controlled, and much of the west side of the state seems to like it just fine.

The east side of the state feel they are like the proverbial ‘red-headed stepchildren’ and are overlooked consistently by bureaucrats in Olympia. They feel their voices and votes are not heard nor counted.

Now we have the movement for the 51st State of Liberty.

Recognizing that the Left Coast will not handle things well if they lose the production east of the Cascades, the Socialist Democrats have been actively trying to shut down the movement to form the new state.

The 51st State has received enormous negative press from the Socialist Main Stream Media lately. Headlines that were, at the very least, disingenuous have been attempting to derail all efforts at spreading the word to the citizens.

These attempts to manipulate a shut down of the movement to split the state have been rampant, yet it seems that it may be backfiring. Rising numbers were obvious when the Spokane County Fair came to town.

Redoubt News visited the fair this weekend to see how the public response was coming along. We saw several dozen people pass through the booth in the short period we were there which would seem to prove the old adage that “There is no such thing as Bad Press.”

Volunteers tell us that the response exceed their expectations with 99% being positive toward Liberty State. They gathered hundreds of signatures this weekend on a petition they tell me is a county-wide advisory vote. Volunteers say they are willing to visit every county in the state, including those on the west side, as support has been coming in from all quarters.

Discussion from the booth’s visitors included comments on the negative press, and how many folks were interested in Liberty State just because of the bad press. Traveling to the fair and learning about Liberty State was their first step, yet it seems that it will not be their last.



*Edited to update the status of the petition.

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  1. I’m all for a split…but find a new mame…that one stinks. The town of Liberty would end up Liberty, Liberty….kinda sounds stupid.

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