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Homelessness – An Emerging Culture

This emerging homeless culture is going to continue to grow exponentially

Homelessness - An Emerging Culture

Homelessness – An Emerging Culture

By Pete Ketcham

It is becoming evident that the homeless crisis in large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland is rapidly getting worse, and is also growing in the smaller towns.

I have personally seen a dramatic increase in the homeless population in the smaller town of Medford Oregon in the last five years. This increase is evident at the fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and about any street in the commercial retail area.

These homeless individuals, some pushing shopping carts piled incredibly high with “stuff” are mostly young to middle age men, but yet there are a good number of young to middle age women also. Medford had built a beautiful wide multi-use pathway through the town next to a small river, with trees growing on both sides.

This 18-mile paved pathway is called the “Greenway” connecting the communities of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford and Central Point. This has now become a primary haven for the homeless, and I personally would never travel it after dark, nor is it that safe in the daytime.

The homeless nationwide constitute an emerging culture that is growing prodigiously in the cities and towns by the evidence of “tent cities” along freeways and in vacant land. The homeless are sometimes blocking business entrances, and occupying space in public libraries. As many of you know, San Francisco has now gained a reputation as Sh**t City because of the human excrement that is prevalent on the sidewalks.

I have listed just some of the characteristics of the homeless culture, but the major issue is, why is this culture emerging so rapidly, and what is the cause.

The major cities are now mostly controlled by Democrat mayors and councilman/women, and their efforts to deal with this homeless crisis for the most part have been a failure. They continue to treat the symptoms but not the cause. They fail to recognize this is a natural result of the godless influence that they themselves (the liberal left) have inflicted on the culture of this nation.

This godless influence in part is the increasing use and acceptance of drugs, single parent homes, failure of parents to impart character and responsibility to their children, (a case of unable to give what you don’t posses), resulting in a community of young men and women who are unable to cope with the responsibilities of a job, thus moving to the street with zero income, and in many cases stealing to support a drug habit.

The Christ centered gospel missions, including a few secular and christian organizations, have been able to help those that desire to change their homeless lifestyle and become productive citizens, but the vast majority of homeless do not posses “what it takes” to leave that lifestyle due to drugs and mental illness.

Unfortunately I see no end to this emerging homeless culture due to the increasing liberal degeneration of our nation’s culture. We no longer institutionalize the mentally ill, but just turn them out on the street to fend for themselves, give “clean” needles to the addicts facilitating their drug dependence, and overwhelm law enforcement in their efforts to keep the streets safe for both us and the homeless.

I sincerely wish there was a workable method to help those already on the street, and prevent more from coming, but the underlying culture of our nation has degenerated so much, that this emerging homeless culture is going to continue to grow exponentially till something brings our nation back under the guidance and protection of God.


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7 Comments on Homelessness – An Emerging Culture

  1. Another factor is the ever increasing volume of building codes. Bureaucrats decide how nice a house must be to pass inspection and get a certificate of occupancy. If it came to it, I’d much rather live in substandard housing than a car or under a bridge but substandard (more affordable) housing is no longer allowed. Electrical outlets with little shutters to prevent a shock, energy efficiency requirements, CO monitors, landscaping, etc. all drive up costs. More noble goals with unintended consequences.

  2. “Build bird houses, supply a bird bath and bird feeders… will be overwhelmed by birds. Take them away….the birds will be gone in a few days.” Such a CUTE little analysis! Trouble is, these are not birds, but are in fact HUMAN BEINGS. But thanks all the same for revealing once and or all what a despicable sociopath you are via your fatuous remarks.

  3. ““The Homeless” are homeless because they are societal dropouts. About 75%+ of them are either; mentally ill and/or druggies and/or alcoholics and/or ex-cons and/or criminals.” But that this were 20 years ago, you’d be right-on-the-money in your assessments. But it isn’t, and you are most certainly NOT. There was a time when I ran a business in LA/Orange County of which I employed 80+ homeless per day (we referred to them as bums then, as that was exactly what they were). If you paid them more than $25 bucks for a day’s work, they got too drunk and wouldn’t show up the following day. It was truly a subculture in those days. The financial meltdown of 2008 (when the elite made casinos of our financial institutions) changed all that,and now there is in fact a significant portion who’ve absolutely NO CHOICE but to live homeless or commit suicide. Unless you’ve gotten up close and personal with what was once called a ‘vagrant’, I highly suggest that you or anyone else STFU and back off your disgusting lack of compassion, as it truly is sickening to hear it coming from people living in a first world country.
    Our societal message is clear: If a twist of fate should befall you and you find yourself at the end of your rope, you WILL be abandoned, and without ANY recourse whatsoever. In fact, more and more you will see laws passed for the purpose of making your hideous existence even MORE of a living hell than it already is.


  4. “The Homeless” are homeless because they are societal dropouts. About 75%+ of them are either; mentally ill and/or druggies and/or alcoholics and/or ex-cons and/or criminals.
    Affordable housing and jobs have little to do with their state in life. They don’t want to work even if given a job. If given a $300.00/month apartment most would not work to pay the rent.
    Handouts by big and little liberal cities only enable them and continue to grow “the homeless industry”. Eliminate the handouts, don’t allow them to camp on city streets and property, quit feeding them.

    “Build bird houses, supply a bird bath and bird feeders… will be overwhelmed by birds. Take them away….the birds will be gone in a few days.”

    • Humility should never be too far away from your character, lest you find it the hard way with no one on the other end to give a hoot about you or what you once were.

  5. *** WARNING ***

    Living in in a progressive pocket dimension warps your sense of reality.

    Demmunism & elitism – the enemy within.

    If you want to know what it’s like in the Demmunist regions of America, the one party state of California and what will happen to the rest of the republic by empowering them, then read on.

    This is the story of what transnational progressives, democrats and big tech have created in the one party state of California in the present time, I call it Demmunism.

    Progressives naively believe they are helping to make the world “better” and in their holier-than-thou arrogance do not care about the consequences of their actions.

    In the present time, much of California is turning into a 3rd world ghetto. You have the coastal elites and everybody else.

    The coastal elites, progressives and hi-tech global corporations have created a one party state, own the politicians and have bought policies that favor them. They bring in illegals and foreign labor via H1B and H2B visas making themselves rich.

    They live behind gated walls in fabulously wealthy places like Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, etc and have created a system that services them.

    Go outside of these areas like the central valley and you will think we’re not America anymore. Filth, garbage, deteriorating infrastructure and very few speak English.

    If you want to see h e l l just look around San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles or even the suburbs. Homelessness everywhere due to insane housing costs by greed driven people (landlords and more) that have forced tens of thousands onto the streets. Now we have urine and s h i t in the streets, car break-ins, typhus epidemic in Los Angeles, etc, etc. And the Demmunists refuse to see and acknowledge the insanity that they have created and inflicted upon the rest of us citizens.

    They create sanctuary cities/states and encourage foreign invaders to break into our republic and break our laws and do nothing to stop it. They refuse to acknowledge that there are untold millions of illegal aliens in the state draining resources and to pour salt onto the wound they have been given voting rights in San Francisco and more! 

    And now the Demmunust elites are proposing free health care for Invaders!

    Nancy Pelosi, like many rich Democrats who claim to work for the “people” call us citizens “racist” when we want to build a wall to stop the invasion while they hire bodyguards and build walls around their multiple homes like her palatial Napa Valley winery so they don’t have to see it.

    Censorship and control freaks.

    If you don’t agree with them and voice your opinion, you will lose your job, be censored on the internet, be harassed, beat up, chased out of restaurants and labeled as a (fill in the blank) and more. They believe you are guilty till proven innocent.

    California and its spirit is being decimated by Demmunism. The coastal elites, progressive democrats and hi-tech really do not care what they have wrought. They have their kingdom, their multiple homes and other riches at the expense of what was once a truly great place for American citizens to live.

    Feeding at the hi-tech feeding trough.

    The progressive democrats have partnered with and take money from big tech industry. Speaker of the House of “Representatives” Pelosi uses Google corporate jets and does their bidding keeping themselves in power and have no concern for the consequences of their actions when we citizens are banned, censored and our speech suppressed or hundreds of thousand of foreigners are brought in to taking away jobs from citizens via H1B/H2B visas for big tech making their CEOs very rich.

    California has more people on welfare than any other state and at the same time has the most billionaires.

    The reality is that they created medieval empire where everybody else services them, the coastal elites.

    They have destroyed California.

    Yes, this is what transnational progressive democrats and silicon valley big tech have created.

    And now these DEMMUNISTS are attempting to spread their disease throughout the nation.


  6. This has nothing to do with culture, and everything to do with price gouging. Greedy dogs who know they can get the big dollar for their property rentals have made it impossible for the many to afford their rent.

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