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California Needs Federal Babysitters

Mayors were left trying to determine if they were dealing with a speculative threat or the possibility of concrete, drastic action.

California Needs Federal Babysitters
Trash lies beside the Skid Row City Limit mural as the city begins its annual homeless count in Los Angeles in January 2018. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

California Needs Federal Babysitters

by Shari Dovale

California has serious problems, yet instead of dealing with these issues, they spend their time on political correctness.

Their cities are turning into cesspools, as is evidenced by San Francisco leading the pack in human excrement piling up on their streets.

California has what seems to be a monopoly on wealthy residents, yet they have a homeless problem that has gotten out of control. The issue continues to skyrocket.

It has even attracted the attention of the Federal Government, who have indicated that they may have to step in to help rectify the problems.

Breitbart reports:

[President Donald Trump] spoke to reporters on Air Force One on the trip to California and confirmed that he would speak to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson about the problem.

We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump said.

He said that he spoke to foreign business investors in California who were so frustrated with the homelessness problem that they were ready to leave. He also expressed concerns about the spreading diseases in tent cities. A recent outbreak of Typhus in Los Angeles has also raised the alarm among residents.

California is filled with wealthy social justice warriors that spend their time and energy on telling the rest of the world what to do. What will they do when someone steps in to tell them what to do?

Politico reports that the talk from the Trump administration has “caught elected officials here off guard. Mayors were left trying to determine if they were dealing with a speculative threat or the possibility of concrete, drastic action. “

Off guard? Really? Are they so concerned that someone will actually make them take care of these homeless folks, more than just giving them a meal on election day?

It is time for them to either step up to the plate and deal with the issues they caused or accept the fact that they need Federal Babysitters.


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14 Comments on California Needs Federal Babysitters

  1. The author makes valid arguments, but I would point out that it is a dangerous error to think of this as just a “California” problem. Californians do not need a Federal babysitter. What we need, and have needed for some time, is support from Americans outside of the state, and for the Federal government to bring criminal charges against those officials who insist on violating Federal law and the Constitution. Unlike Montana’s prohibition against enforcing Federal firearms statutes inside their state, which the Feds have no Constitutional authority to regulate anyway, California’s sanctuary statute is a direct violation of the Constitution and Federal law. All we have gotten, unfortunately, is fruit and nut jokes and wishes for the state to fall into the Pacific – which would kill a lot of patriotic Americans, by the way. I see several of those kinds of comments here.

    We were (and still are) considering a move to Idaho. Several natives I’ve spoken with have told me that if I want to stay clear of the loony Left, I need to stay North of Moscow. We had originally been thinking about Boise, but after a few minutes browsing Boise’s official website, I had to double check that I hadn’t somehow ended up on the site for Seattle. It saddens me to see from this news site that Bonner county has had to sue Sandpoint over the Second Amendment. You have to understand, while real Californians have been legally advocating, campaigning, voting, debating, donating, the Left has pursued a campaign of ballot stuffing, vote harvesting, character assassination, intimidation, vandalism, arson, mass illegal migration, and occasional murder. It’s like being in a boxing match where the referee has been bribed and the other guy is using brass knuckles. These are the tactics that have allowed the Left to take both coasts, most of the Great Lakes region, and Colorado. It always starts in the big cities. Texas has lost Austin and Houston, and is expected to turn completely blue within two years.

    Take it from someone who’s been on the losing end of this: they’ve come for you now. The barbarians have breached the outer wall and begun the looting. Idaho is burning. Unless you want to end up like California, New York, etc., it would be best to stop with the “fall in the ocean” crap, remember we’re all Americans, and start doing everything we can to stand up for each other, while there’s still something left to defend.

  2. Legal fiction A is being described as a “collective” human being: responsible and accountable for thoughts and actions.

    “California has serious problems, yet instead of dealing with these issues, they spend their time on political correctness.”

    They do no such thing. Individuals in California are individually responsible and individually accountable for their own thoughts and actions. There is no “collective” responsibility, nor is there any “collective” accountability. The scam run by the criminals who counterfeit government is dependent upon this obvious falsehood. While the criminals get away with mass murder and worse crimes, the victims are made to “blame” a Legal Fiction.

    California (a place) is a crime scene where criminals have counterfeited the law power or so-called government. The criminals running the Legal Fiction called California have names, and each of the criminals running the Legal Fiction called California are subjects who are subjected to dictates enforced upon them by more powerful criminals who run the Legal Fiction called U.S.A. Inc. (LLC): Legal Fiction B.

    “It has even attracted the attention of the Federal Government, who have indicated that they may have to step in to help rectify the problems.”

    The “problems” (so-called) are known consequences that result from so-called Tyranny, Despotism, Monarchy, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, or any false label used to hide the fact that criminals have taken-over the power of lawful government. Those consequences called “problems” are caused by the criminals running the most powerful legal fiction, and those “problems” are caused by the criminals running the subordinate legal fictions. Those “problems” are not problems, they are known consequences just like a known consequence of transferring economic power in the crime of extortion: those who are extorted transfer the wealth they have to those who enforce extortion. Those who produce anything worth stealing are made weaker, and those who steal anything worth stealing are made stronger. That consequence is only a problem to the criminal when there are no longer any victims producing anything worth stealing.

    “California is filled with wealthy social justice warriors that spend their time and energy on telling the rest of the world what to do. What will they do when someone steps in to tell them what to do?”

    California is an area on the planet where the criminals have counterfeited government, and that fact matters because no one in California is free from the accurately measurable transfers of power that flow from each individual to the dominant criminal power (National so-called Government) directly or through the subordinate criminal powers in each town, city, county, and so-called State. There is no law power while the criminals counterfeit the law power, and therefore the most powerful individuals are – in fact – the most powerful “governors” in California.

    The most powerful criminals in California (the ones running the legal fiction) are subjected to the dictates enforced by the most powerful criminals running the National Legal Fiction. The National Criminal Organization Trumps the subordinate State Criminal Organizations.

    At the National Level of the criminal organization known falsely as “government,” there has been a concerted effort to effectively control the minds of everyone in the so-called “government” schools. Armies of drones are created in these indoctrination centers, and to now call them “Social Justice Warriors” rather than individuals (each with a name) who are deeply deceived, and in need of help, is an obvious injustice.

    Obvious injustice replaces obvious justice when the criminals take over government. Proof of this is written in almost all so-called “Media,” as the victims of propaganda think and act as they are told, reading from the deceptive script as their individual capacity to reason out the facts that matter has been severely compromised under a mountain of lies.

    “It is time for them to either step up to the plate and deal with the issues they caused or accept the fact that they need Federal Babysitters.”

    Pick any name from a long list of criminals, such as for example Dianne Feinstein, and assemble an independent grand jury to then command all lawful jurisdiction in a case against that single criminal. Pick any single crime perpetrated by that single criminal, such as treason, and use lawful authority to move from accusation to indictment (presentment), to place that criminal before a lawful (independent) trial jury. Once that individual criminal is held accountable for the crime of treason, in any lawful county in the area known as California, the people (not the babysitters) can then move onto the next, worst, criminal in California. If the people in California can return to actual justice (the law) by setting this process back in motion (due process), then it is entirely possible that people in other counties in other states can do the same.

    Proof of treason is abundant, supplied by the perpetrators themselves, as they continue perpetrating treason on the official record each day, examples include every treasonous act documented against the National Bill of Rights, or every treasonous act documented against any of the State’s versions of Bills of Rights. Any “infringement” at all is a crime if words mean anything, and if words do not mean anything, then there is no justice, so why pay for something that does not exist?

    California is relatively more powerful economically compared to other areas, and is therefore relatively more of a target for the criminals who run criminal legal fiction confidence schemes. For the same reason (relatively more powerful economically) the people in California can more powerfully turn back to true justice through actual lawful process.

  3. As a resident of the once “Golden State” that’s been reduced to a radical leftist sewage state, I believe California should have it’s state charter revoked and be reduced to an unincorporated commonwealth with no ability to vote in national elections or send representatives to Congress. It would also give the federal government the oversight necessary to sweep the illegals out (Operation Wetback II) while offering the millions of radical leftists here a real opportunity to rescind their U.S. citizenship and emigrate to Marxist China who’s totalitarian government model they worship. It would put the fire out so-to-speak so that finally the one-third of us patriots that vote and support Donald J. Trump can start to rebuild the damage the radical leftists and RINOs have wrought here for decades.

    • American….Here’s a bit of low comedy from the land of fruit and nuts, relevant to Ca vs the fed….After Trump’s election, You could hear the agonized screaming and teeth gnashing in Sacramento…” To hell with Trump !”….”Not my president!”…”To hell with the Federal Govt!”…”To hell with the US! we’ll secede from the union !”….But when a dam threatened to burst in North Cal it was ” Oh Uncle Sam! help! help!”…

  4. Democrats are like children. If they don’t like the rules they think they can ignore them. They have little regard for the Constitution. They didn’t like the outcome of the 2016 election so now they want to ignore the Constitution and are arrogant enough to think that they supersede the federal government.

      • I take your “The Federal Govt supersedes the Federal Govt, as a misprint…In the context of our discussion here, you may have meant to say “The Federal Govt supersedes the STATE Govt” ?…Well, not so !…Actually, there was no Federal Govt at all until it was brought into existence by the states…The states hammered out a compact between themselves – we call it the US Constitution – that was, and still is, the founding charter of the Fed..The states created the Fed !….do you really think our founders said “OH! we need to have an overlord and arbiter to boss us around !”

        • You’re correct!

          The Declaration of Independence says that the American colonies of Great Britain had become “free and independent states” — separate states. The U.S. Constitution refers constantly to the states, but never to a “nation”.

          The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of this land, it must also be observed that the only crimes assigned to the federal government in the Constitution for law enforcement purposes are Treason, Piracy, Counterfeiting, and International law violations. They, both those who SERVE WITHIN the state and federal governments have gone far beyond the powers delegated to them, even though they are in writing for all to read unlike some other nations.

    • Violet…I guess we were pretty arrogant at Bundy Ranch, at Sugar Pine, and at all three places we told the Fed to F – – k off !

  5. Democrat officials are emotionally unable to deal with bums. That’s just the way it is. By not policing bums and either jailing them, tossing out their garbage, or transporting them out of town, they encourage people to drop out. I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. There are “help wanted” signs everywhere and a lot of the stores looking for help have bums sleeping in their doorways. These are professional bums, people able to work, but who like the lifestyle. They’ve been bums for decades. They will always be bums. The only way to get rid of them is to get rid of them. Call a Republican and ask for his advice if you are serious about the problem.

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