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Biblical Democrats?

The present politics parallel the political structure and actions of the religious biblical politicians

Biblical Democrats?

Biblical Democrats?


By Pete Ketcham

As I  read the gospels of Matthew, Mark , Luke, and John, It is somewhat amazing to me how the present politics parallel the political structure and actions of the religious biblical politicians. (Pharisees, Sadducees,  high priests, and the Sanhedrin, described as follows)

“The Sanhedrin, the 70-member supreme court of ancient Israel, had members from both the Sadducees and the Pharisees and the high priest. The Sanhedrin met in the Temple in Jerusalem. The court convened every day except festivals and on the Sabbath. The Sanhedrin as a body claimed powers that lesser Jewish courts did not have. As such, they were the only ones who could try the king or extend the boundaries of the Temple and Jerusalem, and were the ones to whom all questions of law were finally put.”

One might say the Sanhedrin was a cross between our Supreme Court and congress, with the Pharisees and Sadducees being our Democratic Senators and Representatives. But what ever comparison you make, they were all elitists politicians to the core, and were not about to tolerate anyone who should come forth to challenge their “Deep State” structure and traditions.

As we all know one person did come forth to challenge this biblical “Deep State” structure and traditions, and thus became their prime target to destroy by any means possible. Their hate and resentment of Jesus Christ then, was as all consuming as the present day hate and resentment by the liberal left against Christianity today.

The tactics used by these biblical politicians ( Pharisees, Sadducees) are the same tactics the Democrats are using against the President and conservative Republicans. For example, they used false witnesses in their attempts to entrap Jesus for His statements of truth, they attempted to “set Him up” concerning the issue of paying taxes to Rome, and made many more attempts to discredit Him in the eyes of the population.

We can now see the corruption, and deception of the Pharisees and Sadducees as they pursued the demise of Jesus, has been duplicated by the present day Democrats as they pursue their goal of eliminating the current president and his administration.

I continue to be amazed how so many degenerate characteristics have traveled down through the centuries to embed themselves into the current Democrat party. I can only conclude that the Democrats are now being assisted by the same adversary of Jesus that assisted the biblical politicians, as the quote goes: “The devil is in the details” .


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