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The Enemy Within – Part 2 – Radio Free Redoubt

The Enemy Within


Episode 19-29 The Enemy Within – Part 2


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1 Comment on The Enemy Within – Part 2 – Radio Free Redoubt

  1. The speaker is dumb. The government has already been overthrown and he didn’t even actually name the enemy who already overthrew the government -the BAR. The BAR association is the army that overthrew the government and their soldiers claim a monopoly over the process of criminal justice, a monopoly over access to our Grand Juries and a monopoly over the interpretation of law i.e. monopoly over the definition of words. Every ‘judge’, ‘prosecutor’, ‘law enforcer’ and every paid bureacrat/military personnel are the criminals who overthrew the government. Proof is easy – Article 1 section 10 no state shall make any Thing but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts. The meaning is simple and the ‘government’ is either upholding the law or not. They are not. The army levying war on the United States, the BAR conspirators and their thugs who overthrew the government are re-intetpreting the law and claiming a monopoly over justice to enrich themselves, exercise unlawful power over the sovereign people all while demanding we recognize them as ‘honorable’. They are not, they are criminals committing death offenses every working day of their lives and the American people are so retarded they won’t arrest them, prosecute them, convict them and execute them for their ongoing criminal injury and dumbasses like on this radio show point to others as committing crimes whom the ‘laws’ he points to have no application to them, do nit claim to and were made by the criminals who DID overthrow the government.

    The people are so dumb and their lawlessness, lack of prosecuting and convicting everyone who overthrew the government, are the source of the failure of the United States.

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