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RFK Part 3: Allegations Close Enough For Govt Work

No warrant. No criminal arrest. Just “allegations”.

RFK Part 3: Allegations Close Enough For Government Work
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RFK Part 3: Allegations Close Enough For Government Work

by Elias Alias

It is alleged…”

That is a statement which is familiar to every judge on any bench and to most mentally engaged members of American society.

By using the Merriam-Webster dictionary for the word “allege” we generally understand the word’s meaning, which reads thus –

Definition of allege (1)

transitive verb

1 : to assert without proof or before proving  “

Examples of allege in a Sentence:

He alleged that the mayor has accepted bribes.’”

When State officials from DPHHS / CFS Division raided the Ranch For Kids school at Rexford, Montana, on July 23 2019, they felt justified in the surprise take-down of the school and the taking into State custody of twenty-seven children who were resident students at that school – based on “allegations”.

The allegations were complaints and accusations by various sources. Here is what the official DPHHS statement declares –

July 23, 2019….

DPHHS issues statement regarding Ranch for Kids

Today, the State of Montana removed 27 children due to serious allegations of egregious, chronic, and persistent child abuse and neglect of youth who reside at Ranch for Kids in Rexford, Montana, including physical and psychological abuse and assaults of children by staff. Simultaneously, the facility’s license was suspended effective immediately.  DPHHS is working to contact parents and develop plans to reunify families or help find suitable placement for these youth. The health, safety, and welfare of all children who live in Montana is paramount, and no child should have to experience what multiple sources have alleged has happened at the Ranch for Kids. We are grateful to the many agencies, including law enforcement, who ensured the safety of the kids and caseworkers during today’s removals.”
DPHHS Director Sheila Hogan   (2)

See? Their opening statement used the words “allegations” and “alleged”. Of interest to the twenty-seven children who were healing, learning, and practicing life skills which would enable them to form normal relationships with their families and communities might be, upon reflection, why no teacher or staff member or school administrator was charged with a crime or presented with a warrant for arrest.

Child abuse is serious criminality in Montana, and perpetrators are usually run through the legal system for committing crimes.  Yet no one was arrested when the mighty arm of the government swooped down from out of the blue, by complete surprise, to shut down that school and take those twenty-seven students into State custody.

Could it be because DPHHS did not bother to investigate the allegations to determine if those allegations were provable?  The timing says much. DPHHS closed the school exactly 22 days after they were granted authority to regulate schools like Ranch For Kids. Three weeks is not much time for an organization the size of DPHHS to facilitate a thorough investigation of this magnitude.

Of interest to the adoptive parents of these children shall also be the fact that this bizarre display of statist authoritarianism, which some parents already are seeing as an abuse of authority, may have been devised by bearers of a political agenda – such as the team who did the articles at the Missoulian, and Montana Senator Diane Sands, the torch-bearer of the bill which placed Ranch For Kids suddenly, on July 01, 2019, under the DPHHS’ jurisdiction.

Senator Sands championed government supremacy over private sector educational treatment facilities for special needs children.  I’m sure she meant well, but after all, what’s that old saying about the road to hell being “paved with good intentions?”

Of interest to the twenty-seven families whose lives were suddenly, without any prior notice from the government, thrown into disarray as they were forced to compromise their jobs and other family routines to arrange to bring their abducted child back to their homes – or, as DPHHS undoubtedly would prefer – assign parental authority over to the government to place their adopted child into whatever pill-pushing, vaccine-pumping, GMO food laden, candybar and TV saturated statist authoritarian discipline in a government program.

Many children who are struggling with FASD symptoms already knew that the government’s formulated programs for treating children with FASD-related, and RAD-related, problems are much worse than their lives in a loving, caring, holistic, morality-teaching program at Ranch For Kids. They know that because their adoptive parents had already tried the counselors, therapists, psychologists, clinical, and other state-sponsored approaches  – and those approaches did not work for these children.

Recall — the CDC itself insists on their website that each child dealing with FASD must be treated on an “individual” basis. Healing FASD and RAD symptoms in children does not always work in a “one-size-fits-all” bureaucratically-concocted system approved by Big Pharma, the AMA, or similar other entities which lobby governments.

Of interest to the fifteen staff members at the Ranch For Kids is the sudden stress of having to quickly seek employment, as the school got shut down tight and its license suspended, leaving them to fare as best as they may. Fifteen suddenly unemployed specialists.

Of interest to the little berg of Rexford, Montana, is the sudden and unheralded loss of a tidy sum of monthly rent payments for a school building which is going to be very difficult to lease to any other occupant. Rexford, Montana, needed that income.

Of interest to the community of northern Lincoln County, is the approximately one million dollars in average annual expenditures from the school’s operations into the communities of Rexford and Eureka. That’s a cool million bucks now disappeared from the local economy.

So everyone loses, except DPHHS. DPHHS has inserted itself in place of the school in which the children’s parents enrolled them, inserted itself between the adopted children and their families at home, inserted itself into so many lives of real people, real Montanans doing real work to help disabled children learn to cope, learn to heal, learn to achieve control of their lives.

All because of “allegations”. No warrant. No criminal arrest. No notice. No request for the school’s administration to meet with DPHHS’ CFS Division. No fine. Just “allegations”.

In our next installment we will look into those allegations and the propaganda roll-out by the lapdog statist news rags which screeched instantly about the horrors of “abuse” so that the public at large would be assured that “now the kids are safe”!

I may allege a few things myself. But don’t worry – my accusations will only be “allegations”. Unlike the statist-minded DPHHS devotees who are mesmerized by soul-less bureaucratic methodology which seldom takes into consideration the personal factor of the individual lives it disrupts, I will not take any action, other than to use my First Amendment right to speak out about this travesty.

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Elias Alias is the editor of The Mental Militia

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