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The New Progressive Manifesto: Killing Conservatives

This is not satire. This is a political statement.

The New Progressive Manifesto: Killing Conservatives

The New Progressive Manifesto: Killing Conservatives

by Shari Dovale

Though they are trying to bill it as “satire”, there seems to be nothing satirical about this blood and gore encouragement of killing all conservatives.

In the current political climate, with all of the senseless deaths being reported in the MSM headlines, it would seem irresponsible for Hollyweird to make a movie that blatantly encourages their sick progressive base to start killing their political opponents, the conservatives.

If anyone had suggested a movie where conservatives killed off the liberals, they wouldn’t have even found a “D” list actor (think Hillary Swank, the star of this leftist Manifesto) that would have taken the role. They would have been running for their safe spaces, shouting for their unicorns, and hiding their heads under their marshmallows.

But when the Hollyweird elites decide to make a movie glorifying the killing of anyone that is “deplorable” then it seems to be perfectly acceptable.

Only slightly similar to the 1932 The Most Dangerous Game, the film follows a group of progressive globalist elites who meet at a remote Manor House to hunt down conservative “deplorable” humans for sport.

The political twist is all too clear in this new, updated version. Even in the articles promoting the thriller, they liberal left asks questions like “Did one of Hollywood’s most vocal Trump critics create a thriller where MAGA types save the day?” (On No! There is the real horror!)

From the Hollywood Reporter: “Did anyone see what our ratf***-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

If this wasn’t enough to convince the world of their political intent, the original title was Red State Vs. Blue State.

No, this is not satire. This is a political statement. This is the new Progressive Manifesto.


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4 Comments on The New Progressive Manifesto: Killing Conservatives

  1. Thanks, Shari.
    I noticed in trailer that they’re using a classic song by the Marshall Tucker band, “Can’t You See”. That is quite a co-opt, because the Marshall Tucker band always upheld conservative values, especially the values called “self-ownership” and “individual freedom”. They are country boys, not citified Marxists. That band would never fit into a “progressive communist” mind-set. So I’m smiling at the irony.
    And how poignant, that they decided to shelf the movie! That tells me that there may be more of “us” than there is of “them”. Otherwise, they’d run with that movie.

  2. IDK, after watching the Trailer it Really looks like the Deplorables Take Names and Kick Ass… and that would be what would happen, don’t bring a knife to an Axe Fight.

  3. Scarcely creditable..but apparently true…A major studio creating such bloodthirsty propaganda….I appreciate our correspondent’s reference to “The Most Dangerous Game”.. there are distinct similarities between that story and the “Hunt”, but also some very important differences….There was no political coloration in the original story, but we see the political divide as a prime motive in today’s movie…The original takes place in an exotic, far away locale, while the “Hunt” is set here ! Today !….So be it…They’ve opened the floodgates..Perhaps we’ll see some other moviemaker fire back…The Libs better have some fast unicorns…They’ll get no help from the special effects dept.

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