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Local MSM Suggesting A Federal Gun Registration?

NIBIN is a database of spent cartridge casings, not guns or gun owner information.

Local MSM Suggesting A Federal Gun Registration?

Local MSM Suggesting A Federal Gun Registration?

by Shari Dovale

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office investigation into the 2017 killing of Shirley Ramey was Idaho’s first case of a federal gun database leading to a murder suspect.

This was the opening paragraph in a recent article by a local MSM print media.

And it is misleading.

What the author is referring to is NIBIN, and he calls it a “federal gun database”.

He could have just been writing on an issue that he really doesn’t know much about, or he could have been deliberately trying to use the BIG SCARY words for a particular political agenda. Either way, MSM should be more diligent in their public writings.

NIBIN is a database, but of spent cartridge casings, not guns or gun owner information. When law enforcement process a crime scene, and recover spent casings from weapons fire, there are particular markings on these casings that are specific to the weapon used. This information is entered into a ballistics database to help identify weapons used in multiple crimes. This, in turn, can help law enforcement track down these violent criminals.

From the ATF website: Only crime gun evidence and fired ammunition components pursuant to a criminal investigation are entered into NIBIN. Therefore, NIBIN cannot capture or store ballistic information collected at the point of manufacture, importation, or sale; nor purchaser or date of manufacture or sale information.

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler confirmed that NIBIN does NOT collect information on gun purchases. “In a major crime, evidence left behind is used to help discover the culprit,” Wheeler explains. “In Shirley Ramey’s case, the shell casings left behind at the scene were examined and led us to the person responsible for taking her life. NIBIN was the tool that cracked this case.”

Judith Carpenter of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was arrested for a road-rage incident in Montana. The ballistic information from that incident was compared to the ballistic information from the Shirley Ramey homicide, via the NIBIN database, and a match was made.

This is not to say that Federal agencies do not collect, and store, gun owner information, though they have yet to confirm this to me. Just ask an ATF agent if they dispose of the information collected from background checks…..

However, NIBIN is not the tool used for that purpose.


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  1. That is a bright idea for sure. Turn otherwise law abiding citizens into lawbreakers by empowering criminals who won’t obey and will always have access to weapons.

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