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Google Meddling In Idaho Elections

Redoubt News is apparently the most effective promoter of conservatism in Idaho. 

Google Meddling In Idaho Elections

Google Meddling In Idaho Elections

By Alex Barron

There is an old military saying, “The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target,” attributed to an anonymous American World War II bomber pilot. In general, it means that when the other side is attacking, slandering, and trying to stop you, you are effective.

I have understood for a while now that Google and other progressive technology aristocracies — what I call the progressive, globalist, coastal technocracy — are waging a disinformation campaign on conservatives, Christians and Republicans in general. Influential people on “the right” have ignored this threat to America for too long.

Thankfully, things like federal Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (mutant ninja turtle Mitch) getting his Twitter account locked out for filming aggressive and threatening protesters at his house have raised the issue to the highest levels. As of yet these Republicans have done nothing while the rest of us have been savaged by this technocracy which congress helped to build.  However rumors have begun to circulate.

Now we have some proof that not only has the technocracy attacked the right in general but the American Redoubt movement in particular. Recently Zachary Vorhies, a computer scientist who worked for Google was so upset by the one-sided election meddling in favor of progressives and democrats by Google that he gave a laptop and a bunch of documents to the Department of Justice under President Trump. He believes these documents will help the DOJ investigate the unfair practices of Google.   He also didn’t want the Deep State to bury the information, so he gave the same documents to Project VERITAS.

The document can be found in this file. In this document dump under the grouping of “Fake News,” there is a file called “news blacklist site for google now.”  This is just one blacklist that Google maintains.  Blacklists that Google lawyers and executives have sworn under oath do not exist.  Google describes that file as “Manual list of sites excluded from appearing as Google Now stories to read results.” In other words, no matter what you search for on an Android phone, these conservative sites will not show up on the search results.

This is a list of websites that Google is censoring, by suppressing (called de-boosting or de-ranking) or keeping others from finding the news they publish. At the same time more liberal sites are boosted or ranked higher than they would be natively.  Apparently under the banner of “fairness.”  Something that we have always suspected, but now we have proof. In this list there are web sites that the progressive left thinks are effective; People such as the legendary Rush Limbaugh, Governor Palin’s “Chicks on the Right,” simple conservative blogs like (a prepper site), and the pro-life site  All blocked or suppressed by Alphabet, Inc /  Google.

In addition to thousands of conservative sites being actively and manually blocked or suppressed are our friends at Redoubt News.  If the world were ethical, Redoubt News would receive journalist awards. They have published long form investigative political reporting that the legacy, lying liberal media cannot, because so many people on the Right will not talk to them.

Redoubt News publishes mostly long-form, incredibly detailed, well researched primarily political content. They have never even come close to using any legally restricted speech. I have never even heard them use a foul word in my life.  No liberal or progressive blog in Idaho is being actively black listed by Google.  Only the more conservative blogs.  This is pure Idaho election meddling by a monopolistic globalist giant corporation.

Yet, Google, which is actually owned by Alphabet, the most valuable publicly traded technology firm in the world, with over 98,771 employees with over $30.74 billion in net income, has decided Redoubt News, a small Idaho-based blog published by an older husband and wife team who both have other jobs to scrape by, located in Governor Brad Little, Congressmen Russ Fulcher, Senator Mike Crapo, and Senator James Risch State, is such a threat that they used the monopolistic power in search and online ad revenue to put this tiny Idaho conservative-leaning blog out of business by suppressing their position in search and censoring their content. 

Not Idaho Freedom Foundation, not Idaho Republican Party, but Redoubt News is apparently the most effective promoter of conservatism in Idaho.  Moreover, neither the Republican Party nor our elected federal Republican Representatives do a damn thing while this globalist progressive monopoly is immorally destroying Idaho businesses.

I could care less about the absolute “free marketers” who want to Pied Piper Red State America into oblivion. Their opinion is not a suicide pact. Google’s current policy of suppressing conservative speech while boosting progressive speech should be stopped now, before another election cycle, which it will then be too late to do. 

Google is not a platform, it is a publisher.  Google decides what content is fit to be seen by Americans in general and Idahoans in particular.  This means that the Republicans in congress should stop protecting Google from legal suit.  Google must be broken up. The power of Google comes from its monopoly on search and online ad revenue.  Other search engines must be promoted until there is not “one on-ramp” to the Internet. Google’s online ad revenue must be broken up into baby Bell like entities.

If the federales will not protect the Constitution and Red State America, it falls to the States to take action.  Since their election meddling is happening at a State level, I believe our local elected officials should look at what can be done at the local level to protect Idahoans from this immoral monopoly meddling in our local elections.


Alex Barron, also known as The Bard of the American Redoubt, runs the Charles Carroll Society website.

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