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Mayor Ted Wheeler Encourages Anarchy in Portland

Wheeler’s well-known sympathies with Antifa have turned his city into “Ground Zero” for leftist violence.

who Mayor Ted Wheeler Encourages Anarchy in Portland

Mayor Ted Wheeler Encourages Anarchy in Portland


by Shari Dovale

This weekend had another Antifa anarchy riot in Portland, in which the local government seemed to sponsor the violence by permitting the police to stand down and allow the thugs to block traffic and assault citizens.

Did Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler order the police to “Stand Down” as he did during last year’s ICE Protests?

RT reports that supporters of the Rose City Antifa movement and the Democratic Socialists of America gathered to protest against right-wing rallies organized by Proud Boys, a fraternal organization, and the ‘HimToo Movement’ against false rape allegations.

However, it was not until “quick-drying cement” milkshakes were hurled at the conservatives did the Portland Police finally intervene.

Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted, resulting in his being hospitalized with a brain bleed. Footage of the assault shows a group of masked activists punch the editor of conservative Quillette with milkshakes.

The Communist-leaning Mayor Ted Wheeler has a history of supporting domestic terrorism/violence in his city, as long as it is against conservatives.

In 2017, he asked the Federal government to revoke the permit for a pro-Trump free speech rally. Wheeler again made news when violence exploded throughout his city in 2018, in which victims of Antifa attacks included an elderly man. After the man reported the attack to police, the police basically said they didn’t get involved to protect first amendment rights.

Additionally, let’s not forget that the election of President Trump resulted in violent protests that caused millions in property damage and the halting of Portland freeway traffic. Mayor Wheeler ordered police to stand down then, too.

Cops Helped A Massive Anti-Trump Protest Shut Down I-5 on Wednesday

Saturday had another round of violence by Antifa thugs where the police proved they would not protect the law-abiding citizens from their violent communist comrades. Senator Ted Cruz is furious and has called for a federal law enforcement investigation into Wheeler’s inaction against Antifa.

Wheeler’s well-known sympathies with Antifa have turned his city into “Ground Zero” for leftist violence. The Mayor has abdicated his authority and given control to the violent thugs. The citizens are not safe. Police will not help the law-abiding people of Portland.

It is time for the good people to move on, and move out. Tourists should look elsewhere for their fantasy vacations, as they will not find them in this City of Hate.


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