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The Democrat’s Destructive Triangle

Our conservative constitutional nation is being hammered from all three points of a destructive triangle

The Democrat’s Destructive Triangle

The Democrat’s Destructive Triangle

by Pete Ketcham

In our nation today there are many issues that are impacting our nation in a negative way, but there are three national entities/issues that are having the greatest impact. If these three continue to grow in influence as they have been, they have the potential to bring our God fearing constitutional nation down economically and morally.

Thirty years ago these three national issues were alive, but were not prominent, nor did they appear as any threat to the sovereignty of our nation, but in the last fifteen years they have grown prodigiously, and are now major issues.

These national issues are the “Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud”, Illegal  Immigration, and the LGBT Agenda. Individually these issues have a tremendous impact on our nation, but the combination of all three is like the simultaneous undermining of a building’s foundation at three different corners, or the assault of an army from three different directions.

As most of you know, there has been a great deal of debate and opinion rendered concerning these three issues, and thus I will not go into lengthy detail concerning each, but will highlight some of the major areas they are impacting.


Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud

This is a complete fraud based on manipulated fraudulent computer models that have been created by grant driven climatologists (and Al Gore). All this misinformation has been accepted as fact by our national education system, news media, and the Democratic Party.

This fraud is world wide and is illustrated locally in the US by the Democrat’s “Green New Deal”. If this fraud is not exposed and defeated, it has the potential to destroy the economic prosperity of this nation.

Some of the illogical insane objectives of this “Green New Deal” is to destroy major hydroelectric damns, coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, eliminate the combustion engine, eliminate commercial airplane travel, and tax industries out of existence with a mythical carbon tax.


Illegal Immigration

This is literally an invasion of our nation that is destroying the American culture, our  history, and our security. It also has the potential of contributing to the downfall of our economy by the tremendous burden it imposes on our welfare system, the health system, education system, and law enforcement.

Like the climate change fraud, this crisis is also being fueled by the activities of the Democratic Party and the news media.


LGBT Agenda

The grotesque perverted sexual lifestyle of the LGBT community is diametrically opposed to the nation’s traditional moral christian beliefs.

In order for the LGBT to continue to grow, it’s agenda is to eliminate the christian influence in this nation, which is presently happening at a rapid pace.

The LGBT agenda has tremendous support by academia,  the news media, the entertainment industry, and the Democratic Party. It’s impact on the culture makes it the “heavy hitter” of the three, for where the national moral culture goes, everything else follows.

And so, like the army being attacked by three different forces, our conservative constitutional nation is being hammered from all three points of a destructive triangle that is gaining acceptance and strength on a daily basis.

One may wonder  how these three destructive entities became so huge so fast. It is simply because we, as a nation pushed God out of our national culture (beginning in the mid 60’s), with the result that evil and deception moved into the vacuum created, and when that happens, everything “goes to hell”.

Even though we currently have a conservative Republican senate and president that is putting up a defense against the destructive triangle’s influence, sooner or later a liberal Democrat will become president. With the help of a Democrat controlled congress, this liberal president could potentially bring us down to national chaos within a four to eight year term in office. Before that happens, somehow, someway, the God fearing conservatives (with God’s help)  must regain control of our education system, and our national & state governments.

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