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Mexico is a Dubious Border Partner

I am convinced that as soon as the threat of tariffs is removed, Mexico will revert back to their former position.

Cost Of Trump’s Wall Compared To Costs To Support Illegals Mexico

Mexico is a Dubious Border Partner

By Pete Ketcham

I have little faith that Mexico is truly committed to helping the US on a long term basis in the solution of our current border crisis.

So far Mexico has done nothing to help us with our border problems, and has been completely content to stand by and watch us struggle. If they had had any sense of inter-nation responsibility, they would not have acted as a  “conduit” and “facilitator” of the migrant caravans which have now overwhelmed our border patrol.

In fact the migrant caravans coming through the Mexico Guatemala border have been assisted with food, water, shelter, medical care, and transportation by Mexico in order to shove this migrant crisis on up to the US, and relieve themselves of the problems of immigration from South America.

If Mexico (in response to Trump’s tariff threat) will prevent the South America caravans from even entering Mexico at the Mexico Guatemala border, that would be a tremendous help, but still would not solve the border problem of drugs and gang members from Mexico flowing across our border. I am convinced that as soon as Trump is no longer president and the threat of tariffs is removed, Mexico will revert back to their former position of no help or cooperation on our common border issue.

Lastly, any discussion of our border crisis can never be complete without pointing out that it is the Democratic party who is the biggest facilitator of our border problems. Their refusal to pass any legislation which could alleviate this crisis, creating sanctuary cities, and their insane advocacy of open borders, is an open invitation to the illegal immigrants to cross our border. In addition to the Democratic party’s efforts to facilitate illegal immigration, there is hidden funding (in the millions) provided by leftist liberals in the US which is used to meet the needs of the caravans as they march on our border.

If it continues, it is just a matter of time before this invasion of our nation by foreigners through our southern border will start reaping catastrophic results far greater than what we are presently seeing.


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