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Idaho Headed Into Uncharted Territory

 Idahoans may submit public comments about any rules proposed for expiration by 5 p.m. MST on June 11.

Idaho Headed Into Uncharted Territory

Idaho Headed Into Uncharted Territory

By Representative Heather Scott

The following is part of my continued efforts to engage as many of you as possible in making your voices heard in Idaho government. An important and rare opportunity has come about that allows you to provide comments to expose and fix some of your issues and concerns with government.  It’s best understood by looking at it in two phases.    

 As you may already know:

  • The Idaho Administrative Code currently includes 736 chapters and 8,278 pages of rules and regulations for Idaho citizens to follow.

  • The Idaho Administrative Code has the full force of law.

  • Each year the Idaho Legislature must re-authorize all existing rules for them to take effect for that year. This year we didn’t re-authorize them because of opposing views between the House and Senate.

  • As a result of this rare action, the Executive Branch was forced to re-propose all existing rules under the administrative code in order for these rules to stay in effect into 2019.

  • Governor Little proposed and directed his executive staff to attempt to cut and simplify one-third of all the chapters of rules before they are re-proposed. This is great news! He has invited the public to comment on any rules and/or regulations that you (the governed) would like to see simplified or expired.  

  • You can view the Governor’s press release here

Phase 1:  Review and comment on rules that are being simplified or will expire (June 2 through June 11th).

Phase 2:  Review, comment or call for public hearings on the remainder of the rules which will be released on June 19th.


The Executive Branch will be accepting public comment through June 11 on the administrative rules identified for simplification or expiration.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Only look at rules that interest you.

Departments of interest include the following: Agriculture, Building Safety, Health and Welfare, Fish and Game, Parks and Recreation, Tax Commission, Transportation, Environmental Quality, Insurance, Pardons and Parole, Liquor, Lands, and many more. Details on each rule in question can be found by clicking on the link next to the topic.

Pages 2-13 list rules that are to be reauthorized in full.

Pages 14-23 list rules that will be allowed to expire.

Pages 24-46 list rules where individual pieces or subparts will expire

Pages 47-48 list rule chapters that have been re-written and simplified.


For PHASE 1, Idahoans may submit public comments about any rules proposed for expiration by e-mailing by 5 p.m. MST on June 11.

While we can be hopeful these rules and regulations will be properly reduced, it is our job as citizens to keep an eye on our government and take full advantage of our ability to interact and participate. This is an important opportunity to have real impact in Idaho government. A rule that the executive branch simplifies may still be complex and burdensome.  We will get the government we allow, so please take the time to look at these changes.



Phase 2 will begin on June 19th, when you will have the ability to comment or call for public hearings on the thousands of pages that will be re-proposed.


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