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Government LIED About Data on School Shootings

More than two-thirds of the reported incidents NEVER happened.

Government LIED About Data on School Shootings

Government LIED About Data on School Shootings

by Shari Dovale

As the Liberal Left continues to push for more gun control, the media conveniently ignores what they themselves have determined – that the data showing the enormously high rate of school shootings is, in fact, flawed.

NPR, known for it’s left-leaning bias, did a study on the U.S. Education Department report stating that “nearly 240 schools … reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting” which is far higher than most other estimates.

Reporting their findings in the article: The School Shootings That Weren’t on August 27, 2018, they made numerous efforts to contact every one of those schools discussed in the government report and found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened.

Additionally, it is not as if this report flew under the radar, as many sites, both Liberal and Conservative, picked up on it and reported it as well, including:

Reason – Federal Survey Wildly Overestimates Number of School Shootings

Daily Caller – There Are Way Fewer School Shootings Than The Government Says

Marginal Revolution – Most Reported School Shootings Never Happened

National Review – The Department of Education Wildly Overestimates the Number of School Shootings

Washington Post – Education Department released incorrect school shooting data — without checking for errors

Additionally, the ACLU of Southern California also was able to confirm fewer than a dozen of the incidents in the government’s report, while 59 percent were confirmed errors.

59 percent is a HUGE number, belying the suggestions that it was just a simple data input error.

Main Stream Media (MSM) sites have exaggerated this kind of data for their own purposes for years, including the a New York Times story claiming that the Kentucky incident was the 11th school shooting in 2018. This story was repeated by multiple Left wing liberal sites to advance their gun control agenda. However, they are relying on citizens not reading the fine print, even in their own articles.

KrisAnne Hall and her husband, JC Hall, host an interesting discussion on this topic, here:


The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) are the folks that put the information together. They were notified of the errors, and though they said a “note will be included” they refused to correct the report of the massive amount of inaccuracies.

Government needs to be held accountable for their actions, and misleading information. They are perpetuating false data to justify their nanny-state laws and objectives. It has to stop!


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  1. Does anyone else see an agenda behind these vastly inflated numbers ? It’s come to the point where anyone who believes “Official” reports about 2A related issues must also believe in the flat earth and Santa Claus…As though suppressors were the cause of this horrific incident ? No..of course not, but they are targeted now as part of the libs war on the Armed Citizen, yes, the great obstacle they see in the way of their Brave New World. Does it do any good to note that cans are ALREADY a heavily restricted gun accessory ? Like other NFA items, jumping through the Fed imposed hoops to get one is a drawn out and expensive proposition. If a person shows up at the range with a silencer, the range officials will demand to see paperwork. We hear the GGs wail “If one child is saved…” but they never mention the children saved by an armed parent….or the armed 110 pound gal who protected herself from a 250 pound thug – or two thugs. No, the agenda is starkly clear – a disarmed and defenseless civilian population, implemented by any lie or frothy emotional appeal that will serve. A defenseless granny beaten by burglars ? a gal raped ? a child kidnapped ?….these are all mere statistics to the GGs, just “Collateral damage” on the way to full disarmament. AMERICAN HAVE GUNS ! And Captain Parker would tell you why..As a side note, some of you might wish to view Kirsten Joy Weiss and her “Trigger happy Tuesdays” – a highly skilled and knowledgeable source from the distaff side, and wowza ! I’m waiting for her pinup calendar !

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