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Government Isn’t Just For Tyrants Anymore

To our Senate Republicans: There are many of us who admire your courage and stand with you 100%.

Government Isn’t Just For Tyrants Anymore
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Government Isn’t Just For Tyrants Anymore

As I write this article I am proud to report that the tyranny in Oregon is on hold. For the second time this session, the Republicans in the Senate have walked out of the capitol in Salem away from the insane agenda of the far left radical majority and their kremlin, Crazy Kate Brown.

After being disrespected, ignored, and just plain dismissed; the Senate Republicans listened to their conscience and their constituents and fled the State of Oregon to deny the nut jobs a quorum. The out of control left have been passing their ideology based illegal laws at the speed of sound, with no virtue or morals to slow them down.

The only reason we have government is to protect our property, which includes our RIGHTS. What we have gotten this session is plunder upon plunder. Oregon now has rent control, which will only increase homelessness and dependency on government while it turns our state into a ghetto.

On another record year for revenue, we got a business killing hidden sales tax in a state that is already among the highest taxed per capita. They tried to pass the worst gun laws in the US as well as mandatory vaccine, but that was killed to get the Senate Republicans back to the table the last time they walked out.

Laws are waiting to disenfranchise voters to make it almost impossible for us to refer them. To destroy what’s left of our state; cap and trade was being forced through against the will of the people, to make the globalists happy. It doesn’t matter to the radicals that cap and trade would probably end logging and many other jobs as well as raise our electric and gas bills some 40%.

The crazy bills in Salem are too numerous and insane to mention here, and almost all of them have an emergency clause to further obstruct the voters.

I want to personally thank our Senate Republicans for doing the right thing and protecting the people. Under the threat of arrest and huge fines, you have shown virtue. There are many of us who admire your courage and stand with you 100%. At a time when so many of us were wondering what has happened to statesmanship; you have shown us that government isn’t just for tyrants anymore.

God bless and keep you all safe. Thank you, and may other states follow your lead. Long live our Republic.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%
Northern Coordinator SAPO/SASO


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1 Comment on Government Isn’t Just For Tyrants Anymore

  1. My family came to the colonies 390 years ago for personal freedom from tyrants.
    We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that has been attacked by socialists and
    communists who would wish to destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen.
    America is exceptional as God has blessed us.

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