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Where Did The Wisdom Go?

The first chapter in the Book of Proverbs states: “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord”.

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Where Did The Wisdom Go?

by Pete Ketcham

The word wisdom is no longer part of the vernacular used in the political arena, and rightly so, as our nation is no longer guided by it.

As per the first chapter in the Book of Proverbs it states: “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord”. This acknowledgment of God is just the beginning of wisdom, but without that as a bases for acquiring knowledge, one remains ignorant and illogical.

One example of this ignorance by the godless left, is the “Green New Deal” based on their belief in the fraud of global warming/climate change. Anybody with a minimum of common sense can see that this “Green New Deal” is totally illogical, impractical, and impossible to implement, yet most of the democrat presidential candidates have embraced this concept with a fervor that defies all logic.

There are many more examples of this leftist illogical mindset such as open boarders, gun confiscation, free college tuition, equal income etc, all of which makes one wonder why a group of people would enact laws and rules that would destroy the security and economy of the very country they reside in. Although there are numerous reasons for this leftist “insanity”, the four primary reasons seem to be as follows:

1. They feel confident that they, because of their elitist status, will not be personally impacted by their disastrous ideas.

2. The godless left politicians realize that their dumbed down base believes all the leftist fantasies, and in order to get elected they must cater to that stupidity.

3. They have developed an insatiable lust for power and control, and will literally do anything to acquire it regardless of the disastrous consequence to others. In essence they could care less for the well being of their constituents as long as they gain what they desire.

4. But the most dangerous and illogical reason is their insane hatred of anyone who disagrees with them, and especially if that person won the election to an office they felt they deserved to occupy. This hate has becomes so intense that it drives every political decision they make, with absolutely no consideration for the welfare of the nation. It is like having an argument with another person riding with you in a car, and driving off a cliff in order to punish the person you are arguing with.

At this point in time the godless left have suffered no personal consequences for their fanatical illogical behavior, and believe that they and their proteges will be immune from any future disastrous consequences of their hate and stupidity, but history has proven them wrong. Almost every godless dictator or group of ruling elitists eventually reap the harvest of their cruel and senseless policies. I think of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and others who were totally convinced, that they were so established in their positions of power, nothing could touch them, yet they were all brought down hard.


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