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WBCSD Levy numbers

Voting NO on May 21st is the best way to send them our disapproval of their budgeting.

WBCSD Levy Numbers

WBCSD Levy Numbers

Education is power and so I’ve taken the opportunity to educate myself as to where the money in this district’s education system is going. I include a link for you all to do the same. It is the State of Idaho Auditing Department

The audit gives insight to everyone’s pay and how many employees work in every aspect of the school district. For example there is the amount of money spent on teachers, principals, and bus driver salaries.

There is also a WBCSD 2018 audit report that identified one significant deficiency with the management of financial services, namely ” The size of the staff is not large enough to permit a complete segregation of duties for an effective system of internal control over financial reporting.” The Board of Trustees was made aware of this situation and their response was simply to state, “Management believes that the District has minimized the risk to the degree possible…”

However, what the audit doesn’t report is that the Board of Trustees has given two other paid jobs to the Business Manager that must take her away from her business management tasks.  In other words the Board of trustees has itself, setup the District financial services to operate with a significant deficiency.

If there was a two-way conversation with the Board and the community maybe we could have some resolution but as I see it right now, voting NO is the best way to send them our disapproval of their budgeting.

Please consider these facts, and look them up for yourself before you vote (again) on May 21. And know that if this again does not pass, they have two more chances this year to run this year!

Jesse Mullen
Priest River

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