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Vote Spencer Hutchings to Create Transparency at POHD

Dan Rose Hutchings Run For Health District Trustee

Vote Spencer Hutchings to Create Transparency at bonnerD

So those who don the “Love-Lives-Here” mask are showing their true face again. The Bonner County socialists now happily support corporate welfare, even when the State Attorney General’s Office agrees that the transfer of millions of dollars of your property tax by the Pend Oreille Hospital District trustees to the private corporation of Bonner General Hospital has been in violation of Idaho Statute and its Constitution.

When you want to know how your money is being spent – you are denied the information because it’s a private business. When you ask questions about subsidizing a private business with tax payer funds – you are called adversarial. How dare we ask for accountability and fiduciary responsibility from your elected officials!

Time to start draining the Bonner County swamp, by voting for Spencer Hutchings as Trustee for the Pend Oreille Hospital District on May 21st. Every single vote will count, especially yours.

Lisa Keseloff

Sandpoint, Idaho


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