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Vote Out The Incumbent

Vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21.

Vote Out The Incumbent

Vote Out The Incumbent

I’m a Bonner County taxpayer in the Pend Oreille Hospital District. Up until now I never gave much thought to what happens with the property taxes I’m paying to the District, but lately the news of what’s been going on at the board that administers those taxes is upsetting to me.

I’m paying taxes that this board hands over to a private hospital, Bonner General, which even the Idaho Attorney General says contradicts the law; our taxes are supposed to go to public hospitals.

But it gets worse: the majority of the board, six member’s names, are found on the list of Bonner General’s corporate board, where they end up spending the money. And some of them have, or have had, longstanding professional ties to the hospital.

Ready for some more bad news? This POHD board approved sending some of our funds out of county to fund a clinic in Bonners Ferry! And a couple of years ago, funds went to a clinic in Noxon, Montana! 

Bonner General, the recipient of your taxpayer money, is providing that funding.

It’s time for new members on the POHD board. Start by voting out the incumbent who sees nothing wrong with the conflict-of-interest that has existed for years.

We have an excellent alternative: Spencer Hutchings, a Sagle business owner with past professional experience in funding healthcare needs in hospitals. 

I know Spencer won’t turn a blind eye to conflict of interest. He’s a man of integrity. Vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21.

Holly Parker


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4 Comments on Vote Out The Incumbent

  1. “…contradicts the law”

    That makes it a crime, so charge them with the crimes, that will remove them, and be an example to others who might wish to do the same believing that the people will not notice or hold them accountable for crimes committed while serving.

    • Unfortunately, we have a prosecutor that looks the other way so as to protect the community identity from negative public relations. The Sheriff, could and, should at least file the complaints with the prosecutor, but is more willing to ship the investigation to ISP, a form of accountability avoidance! We also need to replace the County Prosecutor ….

  2. Bonner General Hospital spent some of it’s funding on a clinic in Noxon. They also sent staff to Bonners Ferry where they billed for services. Those were the decisions of a private entity operating in North Idaho. If they chose to stop these efforts due to a lack profitability then I think that they are showing a good stewardship of a non-profit’s funding. They receive a very small amount of funding from the Pend Oreille Hospital District to help provide for services in our community. I don’t see how we can blame BGH for operating at their discretion unless someone can show that the Pend Oreille Hospital District funds were not pent in our community. I would personally much rather see a private entity managing our tax funded mandates than create another bureaucracy to operate public clinics in the usual inefficient government manner.

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