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Trustee Election for the Pend Oreille Hospital District

Vote to elect Spencer Hutchings to the Hospital District board on May 21st.


The upcoming trustee election for the
Pend Oreille Hospital District (POHD)
board on May 21 is a non-partisan one.

It therefore strikes me as peculiar that liberals and uber-leftists are suddenly coming out of the woodwork to fervently endorse the six-year incumbent to heap praise on him and the POHD board.  Partisan politics are clearly visible.

Apparently, maintaining the status quo on this board that awards huge amounts of taxpayer funds to just one entity, the Bonner General Hospital (BGH), is very important to them.  Never mind that the overwhelming majority of trustees on the POHD board also sit on the BGH corporate board! A glaring example of corporate welfare if ever there was one.

Democrats have mobilized to demonize Spencer Hutchings, who is running for a trustee position of the POHD board, against an incumbent who has been part of that board for the past six years.  Spencer is not part of the “insider’s club”, which this board and local liberals seem to prefer to maintain their cronyism arrangement. Democrats even labeled Spencer a “redoubter”, their favorite term for any conservative.

Spencer Hutchings’ qualifications are above reproach.  He has extensive management experience in hospital administration, where he has managed multi-million-dollar budgets responsibly.  He is also a business owner in the county who volunteers and stays involved in a variety of community activities.

Please vote for Spencer Hutchings as trustee on the Pend Oreille Hospital board to provide a voice of integrity and transparency for us, the taxpayers.  Because it’s your money!

Thank you,

Cheryl Johnson
Sandpoint, Idaho

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