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Total Control…By Any Means Necessary

We are not being represented in Oregon, only plundered.

Total Control…By Any Means Necessary

Total Control…By Any Means Necessary

by Chris Brumbles

If you look around the country at the states where the Democrats have a super majority you will immediately notice two things; Arrogance knows no limit, and they want total control by any means necessary… and they want it in one session. A friend of mine was at the capitol and was actually told by a legislator (our employee), that they did not have to listen to him anymore because they had a super majority.

Oregon amended its constitution for the first time in 1902. This amendment brought us an Initiative and Referendum process to allow direct legislation by the people. Nationally this was known as the Oregon system and by 1908; Oregonians amended its Constitution again to include the recall of public officials. Between the years of 1904 to 2014, Oregon used the Initiative process some 384 times which is a national record. Oregon also has records for the highest average of Initiatives in use, and the most statewide initiatives on a ballot (27) in a single year (1912). Obviously this causes fits for tyrannical Oath Breakers who don’t even listen to We the People anymore.

Oregon’s legal plunderers just passed a huge job and middle class killing tax law in the guise of “helping schools” (HB 3427). In actuality the money will go to the public employees union, which will be laundered and a portion will be returned to the majority party, so that they can elect more Demon-rats. Same thing happens every year even with record revenues; and next year they will be crying for more money for schools. If there is no crisis to exploit, just do it in the name of the kids. Funny thing is, the higher the school budget gets and the more the teachers make, the less the teachers work, and the dumber the kids get.

The faction in charge knows that the people will refer HB 3427 to the voters, so they have decided to change the rules at the last minute by fast pushing SB 761-3. This bill will eliminate e-petitions until 2023 so that it will make it harder to get petitions to the rural community in hopes of reducing signatures.

The legislative tyranny, the subterfuge, the absolute despotism that we endure every day that this session continues is in your face war declared on the good people of this state. We have passed and are working on more County Initiatives to protect our Right to keep and Bear arms, we have had “Shall Not Comply” rallies, made phone calls, sent e-mails, the Senate Republicans had to leave the capitol under  the threat of arrest, and still these far left radical morons do not get it. We do not elect Kings.

We are not being represented in Oregon, only plundered. These oppressive, wanna be dictators just keep poking the sleeping giant. Their goal is total social and political control no matter the cost and by any means necessary. We are in 1775 my friends, will they be surprised when they get what they are asking for…this can only be tolerated for so long in a free society.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%


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2 Comments on Total Control…By Any Means Necessary

  1. Excellent thesis on Oregon legislative Democrat mafia in place and entrenched via the unions. Many states are now run by by these control freaks that think they have zero responsibility to the citizens as long as they can maintain a DEM majority based on massive corruption. The unions are the source of power now as the bureaucracy is completely out of control and that is how they buy votes and stay in power, using your money against you in a myriad of ways.

    You did not mention Oregon is a sanctuary state and that cost the citizens billions of dollars. So why are state legislators allowed to represent illegal aliens and force you to pay for it ? The answer is simple, because the Republicans allowed them to in prior events and matters and the public has been incredibly apathetic to demand accountability ! You are quite right, we do not work for them, they work for us and we have a voice. But have not expressed it vigorously as required. Time for all that to change bigly !

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