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Time To Make A Change At The Ballot Box

Vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21. 

Time To Make A Change At The Ballot Box

Time To Make A Change At The Ballot Box

Do you have a problem with your property tax dollars going to fund hospital services in other counties and other states?

How do you like your property tax dollars funding a corporation right here in our county?

And what would you say to the Pend Oreille Hospital District board that approves those highly questionable activities?

Especially if you found out that this very same board, elected by you, then spends your property taxes while sitting on the corporate board they are giving the money to?  And that some of them and family members have worked for and with that corporation in the past and present?

We’re talking about the crony relationship between the Pend Oreille Hospital District board and Bonner General Hospital.

Few people were aware of it, but now that we are, it’s upon us to make a change at the ballot box.  Because on May 21, one of the POHD incumbents, who is part of the conflict-of-interest problem, is running for another six-year term.

My vote will go to Spencer Hutchings.  He has no ties to the POHD board or Bonner General Hospital but years of experience in hospital administration of a large national medical provider.  He is a well-respected Bonner county business owner with a reputation for integrity and straightforwardness.

I think that’s exactly what’s needed on the POHD board.  Vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21.

Logan Vidmar


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