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In Support Of Spencer Hutchings For POHD Board

Please vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21st for Pend Oreille Hospital District Board.

Support Spencer Hutchings

In Support Of Spencer Hutchings For POHD Board

This letter is in support of Spencer Hutchings in the May 21st election for the open position on the Pend Oreille Hospital District (POHD) board. I have known Spencer several years and have found him to be an honest man with integrity and a sense of duty toward his fellow citizens here in Bonner County. The name of his business “Sheepdog Supply” reflects this sense of duty, that of a sheepdog protecting the flock.

For many years, Spencer worked for one of the largest health care providers in the United States, allocating funding to hospitals and doctors based on their needs and requests. The budgets he worked with were multimillion dollar budgets. Spencer has experience getting funding, analyzing healthcare needs, prioritizing health care funding and allocating that funding. That was his job. He was very good at it. This is exactly what the POHD Board is supposed to do. Who better to do it than someone who has done it for a living? Spencer is the man we need on the POHD Board, the best man for this job.

Spencer’s opponent in this election is on the Bonner General Hospital board, a private local hospital, the board that receives the bulk of the funding from the Pend Oreille Hospital taxing district. This is a clear conflict of interest. It is unheard of in other taxing districts to allow those who collect the funds from the taxpayers to also spend those funds. This is wrong and needs to be fixed. Spencer is the man to do it. He has the experience, he has the will and he has my support. Vote for Spencer Hutchings on May 21st for Pend Oreille Hospital District Board.

Allen Banks
Careywood Precinct Committeeman


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