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Is Life Choices Pregnancy Center Stepping Outside Core Mission?

Please contact the board members to express your opinion about the use of these funds.

Life Choices Pregnancy Center

Is Life Choices Pregnancy Center
Stepping Outside Core Mission?

Editorial by Richard Miller

Dear Friends and Supporters of Life Choices Pregnancy Center,

I have supported the Life Choices Pregnancy Center for many years and served on the Board since January 2018. I am committed to the long-standing mission of rescuing unborn children from abortion while presenting the good news of the gospel to their mothers.

Our pregnancy center is at a fork in the road and you need to be aware of the potential changes. During the past few months a subcommittee of our board (our Treasurer, Commissioner Dan McDonald, Vice-Chairman Brenda Klein and our Director Christine Denova) has determined that we need to go in an additional direction. Our Board has been encouraged to intervene with at risk families; see the link Safe Families for Children program: Our Board has been encouraged by this sub-committee to start a new program sponsored and funded by our Center. The Safe Families for Children program model depends on local churches to house and provide for these troubled families for an undetermined duration. I understand there may be a need for this. However, our core mission is to the unborn. I am concerned that this program will interfere with our core mission. I have expressed my concerns to the entire Life Choices Pregnancy Board and now I believe it is time for you to be aware of what I know before we legally bind ourselves to this plan.

The Life Choices Pregnancy Center has $300,000 in a savings account for the operational expenses of our center. We raised these funds so that our counseling services, pregnancy tests, ultra-sound procedures, STD testing, parenting & life-skills classes, bibles, and baby clothes can be free of charge.

If our Board commits to this new program, we will be diverting money that has already been raised for one purpose to do something different.

When Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement over the direction of their ministry, they agreed to go their separate ways. I believe that this new program should be a completely separate ministry, and not connected to our Center and its finances.

At this critical juncture, I urge you to contact the board members you know to express your opinion about the use of these funds.

Rod Babcock – Chairman
Brenda Klein – Vice-Chairman
Dan McDonald – Treasurer
Danielle Ahrens – Board Member
Doug Burris – Secretary
Joyce Hatcher – Board Member
Neal Leen -Board Member
Richard Miller – Board Member

People have various callings and gifts. My calling is to stay with rescuing unborn children. Others may be called to the long-term care of those who need housing, however, our Center and its finances should not be encumbered by this new program.

Yours for Life,
Richard Miller

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1 Comment on Is Life Choices Pregnancy Center Stepping Outside Core Mission?

  1. If the money in the bank was earmarked or intended for abortion prevention services, then it seems that it shouldn’t be used for safe-family efforts. You could argue that intact families, helped out in a time of need, may prevent abortions (removes the ‘I cannot take care of a baby right now’ excuse), but I think the pregnancy center organization needs to determine if that’s a significant enough portion of safe-families effort. I don’t see anything about safe-families that says it is a blatantly Christian organization, yet that would be a key part of helping people …. even though they allow and/or depend on ‘church’ involvement. Not sure I’d support them.

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