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Liberty State Gala – Full Video

Liberty State Gala - Video

Liberty State Gala - Full Video

Liberty State Gala – Full Video

Learn more about Liberty State! Are you’re tired of being over-taxed? Are you frustrated with having all aspects of your life over-regulated?

Matt Shea, Lady Liberty and others tell you about a concept whose time has come!


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3 Comments on Liberty State Gala – Full Video

  1. Thanks so much for covering this, Redoubt News! What a contrast, seeing this and then reading the garbage in the Spokesman Review passed off as coverage of the event. The contrast is glaring. Thank you for exposing the Spokane paper’s fraudulent and biased article. Liberty State is eastern Washington, NOT parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. And Lady Liberty did not say we’re all bound by a common sentiment that it will either be bloodshed or Liberty State. She was QUOTING Republicans (and not Matt Shea either) in Olympia during caucus who said that after seeing all the atrocious bills the Marxists passed during session. And the “conservative protesters” (whatever that means) were not holding a “silent protest.” They barged in looking like a gang of biker thugs, yelling at the organizers and security personnel, letting the F-bombs fly, arguing it was their first amendment right to talk that way after being reminded it was a family friendly event.
    It was predictable that the Spokesman writer also figured out a way to squeeze in references to at least two smear campaigns targeting Shea, both based on misinformation, half-truths, and out-of-context information.
    And also just as predictable, the Spokesman FAILED to recognize that Rep. Shea has done more to fight for freedom, lower taxes, property rights, 2nd Amendment Rights, religious liberty, rights of the unborn, and smaller, more responsible government than any other legislator in this side of the state (and probably ANYWHERE in the state). But that’s probably why they hate him so much. Keep up the great work Redoubt News. And keep up the fight, conservative patriots!

  2. Thank you for redoubt news! Thank you Matt and all those that are speaking up for freedom from Olympia!

  3. Great event in the March to Victory for the creation of the 5st State of Liberty. Fabulous turnout, and the response of the Security Team in reaction to the attempted disruption was awesome. My wife and I were there representing the effort in Asotin County. Looking forward to the day when we are once again free, and out from under the tyrannical unconstitutional rule by the elitist progressives in the Legislature in Olympia, and their supporters in the Puget Sound Region, and are able once again to enjoy the blessings of Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness(Property), and the Rule of Law in Liberty State, a State based on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and a new State Constitution enshrining our God-given individual rights. Galen Sorenson-Asotin County Liberty State Co-Captain.

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