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Hutchings Announces for Hospital District

Vote to elect Spencer Hutchings to the Hospital District board on May 21st.

Hutchings Announces for Hospital District Trustee

Hutchings Announces for Hospital District

I heard a familiar thing on the radio today, and it wasn’t good. I heard a news broadcast sponsored by a local business. The news broadcast reported on that same business. The report was somber and portrayed an enemy of the businesses as a bad person. The advertisement however was cheery and favorable. This is obvious propaganda to those who understand the tactic. To hear this being used in our small town is disheartening to me. I hope our tight nit community can see through the use of such propaganda attempting to influence the public.

What makes this propaganda even worse . . . your money is being used to fund it.

Bonner General Hospital (BGH) is trying to influence public opinion to ensure the continued flow of millions of taxpayer dollars into its budget.

The funds come in the form taxes from the Pend Oreille Hospital District (POHD) formed decades ago to tax local land owners for the betterment of healthcare of everyone in our county. A noble cause for certain. Who doesn’t want healthy people? I certainly do.

But the distribution of your tax dollars has been corrupted. The POHD board has been packed with 86% BGH Board members. Who do you think they give your money to each year? Panhandle Health? Nope. The POHD board won’t even give a chance for any other facility to ask for a dime of your money. BGH Board members have decided they get all of your money.

This needs to stop. Your money should be spent where it will do the most good. Is that at BGH? How would we even know if they won’t let other local healthcare providers put forth proposals for the use of your money?

Please help me bring fairness back to this process by voting to elect me to the Hospital District board on May 21st.

Thank You,
Spencer Hutchings


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