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Civics Training In The Military

It seems impossible to swear allegiance to a document if you do not understand what it says.

Civics in the Military
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Civics Training In The Military

Philosophy of American Government. — The philosophy of government, as set up under our Constitution, finds its keynote in individualism as opposed to that misguided philosophy of government, collectivism, which makes the State paramount in its demands over the inalienable rights of its individual citizens. Incomprehensible as it may seem, the political problems of America and of the world at large are embodied in this question of individualism as opposed to collectivism as the philosophy of government for the future development and welfare of nations

A study of the census reports of the United States, particularly during the past 50 years, reveals a condition that to every thinking man and woman is fraught with grave danger to the continuation and maintenance of our constitutional form of government and the blessings of liberty which we enjoy. We must be prepared to recognize this situation and find the solution of the problem.

~ From WAR DEPARTMENT, TRAINING MANUALNo. 2000-25(pre-1945 civics training given to all military personnel)

by Shari Dovale

The founding fathers believed that citizenship went far beyond casting a vote. Preparing people to be active participants in our system of self-government would require training. They did not want the citizens to have a blind devotion to the state or it’s leaders.

How can the government require, or even ask, their citizens to fight for a country and it’s values if they do not understand them? It seems impossible to swear allegiance to a document if you do not understand what it says.

Prior to the second World War, Civics and the Constitution were mandated training for all military personnel. Over 12 million service members served during WWII. Due to the sheer volume of people being trained for immediate overseas combat, the civics training was put on the back burner, not to be picked up again as a mandate.

But should it be brought back?

Most military leaders recognize the need for this training, yet few have addressed it, until now.

President Trump has been asked by a group of retired military officers to sign an Executive Order returning the mandate to military personnel. If accepted, this training would begin during basic training and continue through each promotion.

They are asking for ongoing training at every accession of rank. In other words, if the service member wants to be promoted, they need to study the Constitution and other founding documents. This list would include the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights.

Most Constitutional scholars would agree that education on the Constitution is not a single lesson, or class. It should be ongoing and include not just the Constitution, but the other founding documents.

I am told that the request has made it to the White House, and it is being considered for signing on June 6, 2019, the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

If you agree with what they are asking for, please contact the President on the website to show support for the initiative.


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