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WBCSD83 School Levy – Sign of the Times

Please vote NO for the WBCSD Levy on Tuesday, May 21st.

WBCSD83 School Levy - Sign of the Times

WBCSD83 School Levy – Sign of the Times

Whose money does the West Bonner County School District spend? That is a good question. If you had attended one of the local school board meetings this winter, part of this mystery would have been revealed.

A principal at an elementary school reported the need for a sign. Now this sign already exists, but the principal wanted a better sign. One that they wouldn’t have to go outside to change the lettering. They might get wet or cold if it is raining or snowing, which does happen in Idaho. So of course they need a better sign. A digital sign.

Oh! But they forgot one small detail. Installation, which includes excavation through the paved parking lot. It is needed to get power out to the sign. The sign MIGHT be paid for with a grant. But, alas, the installation/excavating/repaving price had not been calculated or budgeted. To the rescue! A noble school board member volunteered our money to pay for all of this! And it doesn’t matter how much it costs, since, no total amount was specified. Whatever it might cost would be paid. Not even a “not to exceed amount”. How very generous of this school board member! And all the other school board members thought it was a great idea and voted for it. There must be oodles of money lying around for them to donate to such a worthy project.

So whose money does the school board spend? And by the way, why do they need the Levy?

Just one more reason to vote NO for the WBCSD Levy on Tuesday, May 21st.


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