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*UPDATES* Oregon SB 978 – Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill

We have to do everything we can to keep hundreds of thousands of Oregonians from becoming felons overnight.

*UPDATES* Oregon SB 978 - Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill

*UPDATES* Oregon SB 978 – Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill

by Oregon Firearms Federation


It’s official. SB 978, the omnibus anti-gun bill, has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.

This means the fate of this malicious attack is in the hands of one Democrat Senator, Arnie Roblan.

Senator Arnie Roblan

Roblan has stated that he does not support the bill, but he will be pressured by other Democrats to vote it out of committee. We have to do everything we can to counteract that pressure and urge him to vote NO and keep hundreds of thousands of Oregonians from becoming felons overnight.

Please contact Roblan and strongly urge him to join the Republicans on the Rules Committee and vote NO on SB 978.

Roblan’s phone  503-986-1705

Roblan’s email

Please use the points below to explain how dangerous SB 978 is.

SB 978 would create a patchwork of back alley gun control laws and eliminate Oregon’s pre-emption statute.

SB 978 would make you a felon if you traveled anywhere near any public building that chose to prohibit firearms, even if you had a concealed handgun license.

It would allow school districts, colleges and universities to make up policies concerning firearms in buildings they did not even own.

It would make traveling to and from an airport with a firearm, even with a concealed handgun license, a felony.

It would mandate that guns be locked up (already declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court) and allow you to be charged with a crime even if they were locked up and stolen.

It would make possession of many firearms made before 1968 a felony.

It would make possession of any gun you made yourself a felony. There is no provision for adding a serial number to a firearm you made yourself.

It would eliminate or severely restrict youth firearms programs.

It would require that all firearms “transferred” be equipped with cable or trigger locks and hold you responsible for crimes committed with any firearm that you transferred without such locks.

It would ban possession of “unfinished frames or receivers” which are so poorly defined the term could mean anything.

Oregon SB 978 – Democrats Push For Total Gun Control


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