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The Right to Sue a Rape Victim for Profit?

As horrific as it can be that a law enforcement officer took advantage of a victim, the continuing corruption is, in many ways, worse.

The Right to Sue a Rape Victim for Profit?

The Right to Sue a Rape Victim for Profit?

by Shari Dovale

Deanna Williams is a single mother with Multiple Sclerosis living in Fort Meyers, Florida.

In 2009, she endured a horrific assault by her neighbor, and then ended up battling the very people who were there to protect her.

Tim Brown, from the Washington Standard, has been reporting on this misconduct for several weeks, and provided much of the evidence for this report. He begins by telling us:

What if you were raped? Then, because you couldn’t get justice via a criminal case, you chose to sue in civil court only to have your attorney have a meltdown and leave you stranded in mediation in a law office, even though he was able to get a confession.

To make matters worse, once you hired new attorneys who assumed the previous costs and settlement on your behalf, the previous meltdown attorney wants to sue you, but then a judge allows him to sell his right to sue you to another attorney for profit and that attorney wants you jailed for contempt of court?

In all of this, your settlement payments are being stolen by another attorney. Sounds bizarre?

Most of the media attention she has received, however, has been focused on the Undersheriff in Lee County, Carmine Marceno, who was eventually named sheriff. While filing a police report, Williams caught his eye and he pursued her through Facebook, eventually convincing her to have a physical relationship with him. This led to a pregnancy, with the paternity case being the major focus of the media.

As horrific as it can be that a law enforcement officer took advantage of a victim, the continuing corruption is, in many ways, worse.

To understand the extent of this scandal, and it’s continuing repercussions, let’s go back to the starting point.

David DiCrescenzo, of The Patriots Press, explains what began in 2009:

To begin with, she was raped and pursued civil justice after criminal justice was denied. 

The lawyer she hired to file the lawsuit bragged about getting a confession, however he also walked out of mediation crying and missed important court deadlines before abandoning her case. Her second legal team, headed by an attorney who calls herself “the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today” and agreed in writing to pay all prior attorney fees and liens, settled the suit in a matter of weeks.

However, her relief was short lived. The lawyer who abandoned his responsibilities came back to sue her for an unearned fee then sold the rights to sue her to an investor for $50,000. Who ever heard of a lawyer selling a case to another for profit..?!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the judge in the case distributed stolen funds from her case behind closed doors in chambers without any minutes or recordings. The criminal and civil theft in this case has been life destroying. 

That same Lee County Circuit Court judge who approved the sale was arrested in a prostitution sting weeks after sanctioning her for the third attorney’s error of entering his appearance under the wrong case number.

Some of the key players in this legal web of deceit include the following.

Who is the attorney who calls herself “the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today”? None other than Gloria Allred, self-proclaimed defender of women’s rights. Williams claims that Allred failed to honor her retainer agreement, thereby forcing Williams to deal with threats of arrest and judgments of over $1 million.

And the Lee County Circuit Court judge? Judge Jay B. Rosman, who was arrested during a prostitution sting and subsequently resigned his seat. Rosman served as Chief Judge of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit after his election in 2011 to June, 2015, according to the 20th Judicial Circuit Court website.

Attorney Michael Dolce “sold” his right to sue Ms. Williams to another attorney who intended to make a hefty profit from the lawsuit. That attorney is Scott Mager, who, after paying Dolce $50,000, is seeking close to $1.4 million from this rape victim that Dolce was supposed to represent. Mager is seeking a profit, not justice or reimbursement for services.  He is attempting to profit monetarily from a rape victim’s suffering.

In 2016, a judge ruled that there was no evidence submitted that substantiated the claim that Williams owed any money to Dolce, since he has worked on a contingency basis and has bowed out as her attorney.

Adding another monstrous result to this abuse, the stress of the constant barrage of litigation has caused a miscarriage of the child she was carrying.

Brown reported this week:

The stress leveled against Ms. Williams due to what appears to be a plethora of injustices she has faced from her own attorneys, a judge busted in a prostitution ring and the failure of the attorney pursuing her to depose her in a timely manner that the court order has ultimately resulted in the death of her child.

This woman has not seen the end of this corruption, and our prayers go out to her.


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