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THE SCAMMERS: Democratic Party of 2019

The Democratic party continues to become more radical, illogical, and corrupt on a daily basis.

THE SCAMMERS: Democratic Party of 2019
Credit: Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

THE SCAMMERS: Democratic Party of 2019

by Pete Ketcham

In reviewing the political history of our nation, it is replete with all types of scams that took place.  One which took place during the 1920’s called the “Tea Pot Dome Scandal” (government oil leases)  became sort of a famous benchmark to compare other political scandals to. Most of  those past scams/scandals involved just a few corrupt individuals cooperating with each other to “pull off” the deception.

As we compare what is happening in our government today, those past scams are almost trivial. Today we have an entire political party engaging in ongoing scams. There are hundreds of individuals within this party actively participating in these scams, with the rest approving and defending the action of these “scam operators”. This party, as you well know is the Democratic Party of 2019, and who is now absolutely obsessed with the destruction of the current president by any means available, legal or otherwise.

The total corruption of the Democratic party began (this is not to say they were not already partially corrupt) with the election to the presidency of the biggest scammer of them all,  Barack Hussein Obama, a gay, racist, Muslim masquerading as a straight christian patriot.

Some of the more recent scams these corrupt Democrats have put together are as follows:

1. Global Warming/climate change ( still ongoing and the biggest world-wide hoax in world history).

2.  Hilary Clinton’s scams, ten most recent see:  A Top Ten List of Hillary’s Lies, Scams, Hustles and Deceitfulness

3. Obamacare scam (“you can keep your doctor”).

4. The Steel Dossier (total campaign fraud by Hillary & the Democrats).

5. Mueller special council investigation ( although it has been concluded, house Democrats are continuing it )

6. Jussie Smollett scam (leads right back to Obama).

7. Drag queen library story hour (a sample of the many Democrat social scams)

The above listed scams are just a few of the most prominent we know about, but you can rest assured that there are other ongoing scams we don’t know about, with many more to come in the future as the Democrat need arises.

We are no longer dealing with a normal political party concerning political issues, but with a totally corrupt group of people who have taken over the Democratic party and have transformed it into a “political mafia”, with tentacles reaching into every area of the government. Scams are now a part of the “Standard Operating Procedure” (SOP) of the  Democrats as they pursue office and enact legislation. The success of these scams on the American public, can be a attributed in great part to the mainstream news media (MSM), which the Democrats now control..

Presently the Republican party is forced to deal with this “political mafia” as if it were a legitimate political party in order to maintain a constitutional procedure of governing the nation.

But one must wonder how long this can go on, as the Democratic party continues to become more radical, illogical, and corrupt on a daily basis. It seems inevitable that a  breakdown of our constitutional procedure of governing is going to occur as the democrats finally go completely “over the edge”, and by what is taking place today, I don’t feel they are far from it.

When the liberal Democrats finally reach the bottom of their insane journey, how do the conservatives deal with it? Would there be an uprising by the sane conservative people to bring the government back to it’s original constitutional status? Would the nation descend into anarchy, and if so would the sitting president enact some type of martial law and take control by military force? Or will we just gradually slide into a godless third world country, economically poor, with rampant crime and unchecked moral degeneracy?

As I have expressed before, we are sailing in uncharted waters we have never been in before, and there is just no way one can accurately predict the future based on the present circumstances, yet it is obvious the nation is moving toward a major crisis. It continues to be frustrating that we have moved beyond the “point of no return” (as I have addressed in a previous article) in correcting the disastrous course our nation seems to be locked into.

I can only speculate that this forthcoming national crisis could occur during Trump’s presidency. As I have stated before, I believe it was a miracle that Trump ever made it into the White House against such overwhelming odds. It is also phenomenal that he has been able to withstand the constant disrespect and abuse heaped on him,  that no other politician I know of could handle. It could be, that perhaps Divine providence may be setting the stage for this forthcoming “crisis event”, but however it all comes about, it will be an event that will shake the nation.


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1 Comment on THE SCAMMERS: Democratic Party of 2019

  1. Like Mr Ketcham, I look for historic context, and I have to say that the seething divisions rife in our country today are comparable to the years 1855/1860…The issues then and now may be different, but the visceral emotions are the same. Conservatives and Liberals use the same words, but speak in different languages. There is even a divide in physical appearance ! 1860….2020…viewing the deepening spiral towards fanaticism that infects the Left, we might ask what their reaction will be to Trump’s re-election. In 1860, Lincoln’s victory was – for the south – the last straw, their last vain hope smashed. It’s perhaps known to only us history nerds – and probably Mr Ketcham – that you flat could not vote for Lincoln in the South ! In most places, he wasn’t even on the ballot ! The stinging rebuke felt by southerners will, I’m afraid, also be felt by the Lib/Dem/collectivists when they face a Trump second term, and it may drive them over the edge. They, or at least the most unstable of what is a near certifiable mindset, may be capable of anything. And PS…We’ve all complained about media bias..well, the media isn’t what it used to be..and it never was what it used to be !

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