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Rhino Hide – Securing Schools and Protecting Your Children

“This will allow students and teachers to instantly shelter in place while they wait for the police to arrive.”

Rhino Hide - Securing Schools and Protecting Your Children

Rhino Hide – Securing Schools
and Protecting Your Children

by Shari Dovale and Bret Roush

  • Columbine High School – 1999
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School – 2012
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – 2018
  • Santa Fe High School – 2018

These tragedies have one important thing in common. They all happened on school property, putting children at risk. School shootings are documented back to the 1840’s.

When the headlines tell us of another school shooting, gun control groups automatically call for increased regulations and restrictions on firearms, but that has been shown to be ineffective. Taking guns from law abiding citizens does not reduce crime, as is proven in too many ‘gun-free’ areas.

Keeping children home from school is not an option for most parents. Nonetheless, they want to be assured that everything is being done to protect their children while at school.

How about strengthening the school buildings to make them impregnable?

One North Idaho man, Jason Giddings, says that a typical bullet can penetrate as many as eight wall sections before the projectile is stopped, making him further wonder, “How could someone make the walls themselves bulletproof?”

This led to his development of a product called Rhino Hide. “This new product makes the walls or structures they are filled with impervious to projectiles,” said Giddings. “This will allow students and teachers to instantly shelter in place while they wait for the police to arrive.”

Rhino Hide’ could be installed inside existing walls to harden and bulletproof the walls, creating a “Safe Room” where children and teachers would be protected. It will even protect them from extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

While there are lots of ways to make walls bulletproof,” he said, “the trick is doing it without tearing down or rebuilding existing structure, which is expensive and time consuming.”

Giddings, an aerospace engineer, tells us that this is a completely new category of product and made partly from recycled car tires, reducing the cost dramatically.

From their website:

Other bulletproof wall solutions require the wall to be removed and reconstructed using hard-to-work-with materials. Some competitive products are attached to the outside of the wall. Rhino Hide just pours into the existing walls and hardens to become bulletproof. 

One of our competitors recently installed their product in an Oklahoma school with just 6 classrooms. The total cost was a whopping $400,000 and took several weeks for the process. Rhino Hide could have been installed for less than $150,000 in a fraction of the time.

Rhino Hide:

    • Protects kids and teachers while police arrive
    • Can be installed in existing walls
    • Acts as an insulator
    • Improves structures resistance to fire
    • Serves to dampen sound from adjacent rooms 
    • Installs in just hours
    • Only 1/5th the weight of concrete

Rhino Hide is available for other buildings, as well. Easily installed in government buildings, DIY personal shelters, theaters, banks and more, it can even be installed inside police car doors, giving extra protection to our peace officers.

Jason Giddings

I invented Rhino Hide because I have a daughter in high school. I see school shootings occurring more and more frequently. It is sickening to imagine this sort of violence occurring at her school. Unfortunately, the topic of school shootings has become a political tool. It is frustrating to see politicians on both sides using this, to further their own agendas. There is a solution and it is simple. Keep the bad folks out, and make it impossible to do any harm.      -Jason Giddings


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2 Comments on Rhino Hide – Securing Schools and Protecting Your Children

  1. I can imagine storm proofing a room in a house or basement as well. I believe R24 (more or less) for an insulation value. These are just a few uses. If they were hiring I would send them my resume, and if I had the capitol to invest, I WOULD! This is an exciting product!

  2. Funny…My High School had a basement shooting range..a different time…With both my wife and son in the local schools, I had legitimate reasons to inquire about School preparedness, but my experience with the administrators and principals was not happy. Describing to them the mindset of the shooter – Someone who has decided to commit suicide, and along the way hurt as many people as possible – was met with wide eyed shock…All very comforting to have a resource officer on hand, except that the madman would probably shoot them first….That the madman will continue his rampage until somebody with a gun arrives….It was plain that they flat didn’t want to talk about such unpleasant – and realistic – things.There’s a long list of plant improvements that would at least mitigate an attack – roll-down garage doors that would compartmentalize the halls – classroom doors that lock from the INSIDE – curtained widows – classroom numbers on the outside windows of classrooms so the police can be guided by cellphone calls…A commitment from the police that they will get right in there, and not hunker down behind their cars, listening to the screams and gunshots, waiting for “Backup” ( But then, “Officer Safety” trumps all other considerations, doesn’t it ? even saving children) As anyone knows, there’s only one thing to do with a mad dog – shoot it down, but not so in the liberal/teacher/ martyr mindset..It appears that they would choose to be killed, or see their children slaughtered, rather than defend themselves.

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