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POHD Funding Outside Their Boundaries

Please vote on “District” board positions, May 21st.

POHD's Combative Board of Trustees
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POHD Funding Outside Their Boundaries

“Pend Oreille Hospital District (the District) [POHD]…, was established to support hospital facilities WITHIN THE DISTICT…, approximately two-thirds of Bonner County, Idaho.” The POHD mission statement at confirms I.C. 39-1318, “the duty is hereby imposed upon the hospital boards… for maintaining public hospitals or medical clinics WITHIN THEIR DISTRICTS,” and the 2019 POHD-BGH “Agreement,” 3.2(a)(ii) “clinical services… of persons WITHIN THE DISTRICT, especially… to women’s health…”

The boundaries of where POHD taxpayer money can be spent are clearly defined in these statements.

Yet POHD voted 4-1 at their April board meeting to use POHD taxpayer money to fund losses of the Women’s Health Clinic, which include salary expenses for a Bonner General Hospital doctor and registered nurse to provide services at the Boundary Women’s Health Clinic for primarily Boundary County residents.

BGH confirms the out-of-district location on its website [“locations in Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry”].

Further, between April 2016 and November 2017, POHD used thousands of POHD taxpayer dollars provide facility funding to the Bull River Medical Clinic in Noxon, Montana, for the primary health benefit of Montana residents.

Why is POHD violating their fiduciary duty, and arguably, an alleged criminal misuse of public funds per Idaho Code 18-5701, in freely misusing POHD taxpayer funds to provide services to out-of-District locations and residents?

This is just one question the two POHD Trustee candidates should be addressing publicly, before the May 21 election.

VOTE May 21st. Absentee ballots allow you to research the candidates at home.

Daniel Rose
POHD Trustee


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1 Comment on POHD Funding Outside Their Boundaries

  1. An inherent conflict of interest in over-lapping board membership at POHD & BGH resurfaces. Pend Oreille Hospital District (POHD) Trustees Lawrence and Burgstahler, again, abdicate their fiduciary duty to the District taxpayers.
    The latest, easily remedied, controversy relates to the purchase and clear ownership of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic equipment. The 2019 “Agreement” between BGH and POHD states that “POHD shall be responsible for the cost and expense of acquiring ENT equipment…, POHD shall retain ownership of property acquired by POHD.”
    Prior to the “Agreement” signing date, 2/28/19, BGH bought the ENT clinic equipment under the BGH corporate name so that the ENT clinic could be operational on 2/4/19.
    On 2/16/19 the BGH Foundation, hosted a Heartball fundraising event that identified fundraising proceeds benefitting the purchase of the same ENT equipment: .
    The POHD reimbursement of the BGH equipment purchase does not include equipment serial numbers and therefore dispute of specific equipment ownership is present. The simple solution offered was a Motion to include the equipment serial numbers in the BGH reimbursement funding request provided to POHD. The solution was dismissed in questionable board-side manner, “this is stupid.”
    Clear ownership of public property assets is a fiduciary duty! Fiduciary duty to the taxpayers is a long abdicated responsibility at POHD simply due to the over-lapping board membership, where the BGH Board Directors, dismiss the public’s interest in favor of BGH’s interest.
    Elect a fiduciary proponent of POHD’s public interests…, Spencer Hutchings on May 21st .

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