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Oregon SB 978 – Democrats Push For Total Gun Control

This bill can make you a felon over pepper spray and bats, as well, not just firearms.

Oregon SB 978

Oregon SB 978 – Democrats Push For Total Gun Control

by Shari Dovale

The Oregon Senate pulled a fast one on it’s residents, SB 978 began as a single page  bill that directed the State Police to conduct a study due by 2020. It turned out to be a “placeholder” for a massive assault on your rights by the gun-grabbing Democrats.

The night before the vote, they added 45 pages of what they call the “dash-5” amendments. This was easily passed by the Democrat controlled committee. It has now been placed with the Rules Committee, instead of heading straight to the full Senate.

SB 978 is an Omnibus gun control bill that makes virtually every person that wants to defend themselves a felon.

This extremely irrational bill includes:

  • Retailers will be allowed to bypass the law and decide for themselves if they want to sell a firearm to a legally allowed adult aged 18-20.
  • You will be a felon if you drive NEAR a “public building” with a firearm. You don’t actually have to go in the building, you just have to be driving by the building while you travel elsewhere, like a firing range.
  • The definitions of weapons include pepper spray and baseball bats. So, even if you do not carry a firearm, you may still end up a felon if you attempt to protect yourself with anything else.
  • It is ambiguous in several places, including whether or not a person simply possessing blueprints for a 3-D printable firearm could be charged as a felon, regardless if they have built the gun.
  • And forget about building your own firearm, for use at home by you, as so many have done for ages. They intend to put a stop to that.
  • If you own an antique gun that was built prior to serial number laws going into effect (1968), you will be a felon.

Senator Herman Baertschiger spoke on NRA TV (beginning at 16:30) about this monstrous bill and how the Republicans are trying to fight SB 978.

Oregon Firearms Federation is a leading voice in the fight to protect your rights. They tell us:

As passed the bill will:

Force you to keep your firearms locked up. (The US Supreme Court has already ruled this to be unconstitutional.)

Hold you strictly liable for crimes committed if your gun is lost or stolen (even if you complied with parts of the mandatory lock up regulation.)

Greatly restrict youth shooting programs and events.

Make you a felon if you possess an “unserialized firearm”. (Serial numbers were not required on firearms until 1968.)

Ban so called “80% lower receivers” (the bill calls them “unfinished receivers”) unless they had the manufacturer’s name and serial number engraved on them. If you’ve made a firearm out of an “80%” lower there is no provision for adding a serial number yourself. The possession of any of these finished guns will be a felony. If you currently possess any 80% lowers each one is a Class C felony.

Increase fees for concealed handgun licenses.

Allow you to be charged with a felony for simply being NEAR a “public building”or airport with a firearm even if you have a concealed handgun license. How many “public buildings” do you pass on your hunting trips?

Picking up your spouse at the airport could make you a felon. Picking up your kids at school could make you a felon unless you picked them up in a parking area.

View the Dash-5 amendments below, then call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to kill this unconstitutional, gun-grabbing, oppressive bill.


The I-5 corridor north through Oregon will be an almost completely gun free zone if SB 978 passes as is. This map shows the public places that will have prohibitions on firearms. (Source: Oregon Firearms Federation)

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4 Comments on Oregon SB 978 – Democrats Push For Total Gun Control

  1. Citizens have no Constitutionally protected Rights, are subjects of tneir public servants and have been lied to ,defrauded, miscatogorized as such unknowingly.
    Want this bullshit to end ? Want your servants back under control ? Want them to be 100% accountable to you and your God given Rights ?
    Overcome the presumption that you are somehow their subject. Correct your ” political status ” ….ask me how..I get nothing for any of this . I want to wake you from your stupor… remember the Bundy’s ? Lavoy Finnicum ? Randy Weaver. … How about Waco Texas ?… the servants are out of control and we let it happen by not governing ourselves…time to fix this problem.

  2. Oregon has used voter apathy to their advantage to have a government that rules the people. Instead of being a government that serves at the will of the people it rules you.

  3. In the People’s republic of Oregon only a small segment of the population are considered terrorists? Ranchers and anyone with my last name.

  4. But how will the state of Oregon keep the muslims from committing 9/11 in their state? The muslim terrorists don’t give a rats yap about Oregon and their anti-gun laws.

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