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Montana Governor Race Kicks Off For 2020 Election

The 2020 elections are being launched across the nation, and candidates in Montana are announcing their run for the Governor's chair.

Montana Governor
Montana Capitol

Montana Governor Race Kicks Off For 2020 Election

By Tim Ravndal

One thing certain in politics is the political aspirations by those in the service to the people continue to seek approval to climb the political ladder.

With the 2020 elections across the nation beginning to gear up the cycle here in Montana kicks off with the race to be the next Montana Governor.

Montana Constitution places term limits on statewide elected offices.  The last Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock left that seat to climb the ladder to the seat of Governor.  The seat now becomes vacant in 2020 with Mr. Bullock termed out of office.

Attorney General Tim Fox

Current Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced that he will give his best effort to climb the political ladder and run for Montana Governor in 2020.

At least one democratic candidate has filed to seek the seat of Governor as well.  In the shadows, the “Green Party is engaged in a legal battle challenging ballot access in Montana.  With other 3rd party efforts underway, a change in the political climate in Montana looks to be a storm brewing.

Montana Senator Al Olszewski is an orthopedic doctor from Kalispell Montana that puts his practice on hold to fight for the people of Montana.

Changes in health care conditions after the adoption of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare hit Montana citizens hard.  In his service in the Montana Legislature Senator Olszewski champions the battle to provide quality health care for the people of Montana.

Senator Al Olszewski

Senator Olszewski made headlines in 2018 when he entered the race to unseat United States Senator Jon Tester.  Senator Olszewski was sent back to the Montana Legislature after being defeated in a 4 way Republican Primary.

At High Noon on Wednesday April 3rd 2019, Montana Senator Al Olszewski took center stage on the steps of the Montana Capitol to announce his candidacy for Montana Governor.

A strong gathering of Montana representatives and senators joined Senator Olszewski on the steps of the capitol to help launch the campaign.

With the 66th Montana Legislature over half way, Senator Olszewski reminded his supporters that his work is not done in the People’s House.  His commitment to the people is his priority and promised he will not move forward on the campaign until the 66th Legislative session has adjourned.


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  1. The good doctor has my support. Fox is just another RINO and does not deserve any consideration from anyone. We might as well elect another democrat.

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