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Liberal Media Lies About Laughing Muslims

Liberal Media Lies About Laughing Muslims
Smoke and flames rise during a fire at the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on April 15, 2019. (AFP/Getty)

Liberal Media Lies About Laughing Muslims
Here Is The Proof

 by Alex Barron

Most people understand that that the mainstream media has been caught red handed, multiple times, working with Democrats.  The liberal media often lies about  conservatives, and defends muhammadists.  We all marvel at the strange bed fellows that are socialists, feminists and  fundamentalist muslims.  Christian conservatives, bad, radical muslims welcomed.

In my video I predicted that the mainstream media would “play defense” for the muhammadist celebrating the burning of a 850-year-old Catholic Church.  I also made the point that muslims had attacked Notre Dame multiple times in recent years.  I also said that the liberal, lying, legacy media would attack alternative media for reporting the truth.

Now, did you see any mainstream outlets make the point that Notre Dame itself had been attacked multiple times by islamic terrorists?  No you did not.  Did you hear the mainstream media make the point that several Catholic churches in France had been attacked in recent years by violent muslims?  No they did not.  Did the lying, legacy, liberal media talk about that there had been more than five attacks on Catholic churches in France in the last week?  No they did not.  And did the mainstream media talk about the suspect timing of this at the start of Holy Week?  Most did not.  I wonder if progressives would have made the connection if a mosque “accidentally” burns down at the start of Ramadan.

Another question everyone has is, how in the world did the French authorities decide that it was most likely an accident and that there were no signs of foul play before the fire was even out?  I spoke with a fireman, and he is clear that normally the investigation takes a period of time, and the investigators cannot check for things like accelerators or devices until the scene is turned over to them after the fire is out.  Yet the narrative was there was no evidence of foul play — while the fire raged.  So let’s go over this again.

  1. The fire started 30 days after the New Zealand mosque shooting.
  2. It started on the start of Holy Week.  Well the first day men were working.
  3. There have been multiple unsuccessful terrorist attacks against Notre Dame.
  4. There have been multiple attacks against Catholic churches throughout France.
  5. Official story suggested no foul play before a proper investigation could have started.

Also I predicted the liberal media would attack coverage like mine, and attempt to hide the celebratory reactions of muslims online.  Jane Lytvynenko of Buzzfeed said “Critically the video in question does not show what people on Facebook were reacting to. It’s also impossible to know the religious views of each person reacting to a video en mass.” Notice how hard the liberal media works not to tie specific acts to the islamic religious / political system, and how quick they are to tie specific acts to gun owners or “members of the far-right.”

Islam is the predominate faith among Arabs.  Thus on an Arab related Facebook page, of people with Arabic names, it is fair to suggest that the majority are Muslim.  I wonder if Jane Lytvynenko would say “I saw a bunch of people on 4chan with swastikas next to their screen names.  But this does not mean they are neo-NAZIs.  We really don’t know what is going on here.”

Paul Joseph Watson has an excellent video showing how two-faced the left can be on coverage like this.  He then actually takes the time to publish the translation of the Arabic comments of muslims celebrating Notre Dame burning to the ground.  As predicted,  Buzzfeed and the rest of the liberal media attack those who report facts they do not like. Paul Joseph Watson does an excellent job of debunking them.

Alex Barron, also known as The Bard of the American Redoubt, runs the Charles Carroll website.

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