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“LaVoy – Dead Man Talking” in Roseburg, Oregon

Saturday, May 18th at 9:00 am.

“LaVoy - Dead Man Talking” in Roseburg, Oregon

Jeanette Finicum Presents
“LaVoy – Dead Man Talking”
Roseburg, Oregon

By Terry Noonkester

“LaVoy – Dead Man Talking” is a four-part documentary that was created jointly by Mark Herr of The Center for Self Governance and Jeanette, widow of LaVoy Finicum.  They used 8 hours of videos that LaVoy Finicum had recorded about his conflict with the Bureau of Land Management and his concerns about the loss of constitutional and property rights.

LaVoy Finicum was acting as a spokesman for the Malhuer Occupation when they were protesting the re-imprisonment of ranchers Stephen and Dwight Hammond, both of whom were unjustly imprisoned and were later pardoned by President Trump.

On January 26th, 2016 LaVoy Finicum and the Malhuer Occupation leaders were on their way to the town of John Day, Oregon to hold a community meeting on the Constitution and property rights.  Their two vehicles were stopped by Oregon State Police on a lonely stretch of Highway 395 between Burns and John Day.  LaVoy Finicum’s front seat passenger, Ryan Payne, was cooperating with law enforcement as they arrested him, when OSP shot at the Finicum vehicle.  The Finicum vehicle left the scene to meet Sheriff Glenn Palmer in Grant County. Just a few miles further down the highway, Lavoy Finicum’s vehicle was fired upon while arriving at, and avoiding a crash at a deadman roadblock.  LaVoy left the vehicle with his hands up and was shot 3 times in the back by Oregon State Police, who were under the command of an FBI Hostage Rescue Team.

Jeanette Finicum had shown Part 1 of the “LaVoy – Dead Man Talking” series to a standing-room-only audience in Roseburg last January.   Part 1 will be shown again on Saturday, May 18th at 9:00 am. Jeanette Finicum and Mark Herr will add many details and answer questions from the audience.   Part 2 & 3 of “LaVoy – Deadman Talking” will be shown for the first time in Roseburg later that day.  Jeanette Finicum, Shawna Cox, Debbie Bacigalupi and Mark Herr will be speakers at the presentation.

Speaker Shawna Cox is a survivor of the deadman roadblock where LaVoy Finicum was killed and Ryan Bundy was wounded.  Shawna’s eyewitness account and cell phone video have been crucial evidence at the trials concerning the Malheur Protest, and will again be crucial at the upcoming wrongful death law suit initiated by the Finicum Family.  Another speaker during the event will be Debbie Bacigalupi, a California cattle rancher who is in demand throughout the west as an educational speaker on Agenda 21.

The Finicum wrongful death suit is slowly moving ahead.  The hearing to determine if any of the defendants will be dismissed from the case has been delayed for six months and is now scheduled for September of 2019. Magistrate Judge Patricia Sullivan is presiding over the initial hearings.  She told the lawyers she will hold future hearings in Portland to make it easier for them to attend and because the federal courthouse there can better handle security.

The named defendants include the United States, the FBI, the BLM and U.S. agents including; Daniel P. Love, Salvatore Lauro, Greg T. Bretzing, Joseph Astarita, Special Agent “BM”, and Michael Ferrari.  Also named in the suit are the State of Oregon, Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Oregon State Police including; Travis Hampton, Trooper 1, Trooper 2, and about 100 law enforcement “John Does” that include FBI and OSP.  Harney County defendants include Sheriff David M. Ward and Steven E. Grasty.  The environmental organization, the Center for Biological Diversity, is also a defendant.

Attorney Morgan Philpot of Utah is representing the Finicum Family.  Morgan Philpot also represented Ammon Bundy in both the Portland trial against the Malheur protesters that resulted in a ‘not guilty’ verdict, and the Las Vegas trial that ended as a dismissal of the indictment due to prosecutorial misconduct.

A free lunch will be provided by Bob Murray Trucking, and a BBQ chicken and pulled pork dinner with sides is being offered for $15. Please call 541 784 3737 to sign up for the dinner.

There will be a silent auction with donated items from the patriot community to help Jeanette Finicum pay legal fees for the wrongful death suit.  Additional donations for the auction may be made by contacting Sarita at (541) 430-0734.  There will also be fundraiser raffles held in the evening.

The book written by LaVoy Finicum, ”Only By Blood and Suffering” will be available for purchase, as well as the newly released book written by LaVoy Finicum’s daughter, Thara Tenney, titled “Liberty Rising“. There will also be tee shirts and other patriot memorabilia for sale.

The event will be held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Community Conference Hall, opposite of the corner of Museum Drive and SW Frear Street, Roseburg, Oregon.  Admission to see the documentary series is free, contributions are welcome.

Jeanette Finicum has stated: “They silenced one mans voice, but in doing so, they created 13 more very loud voices”.  This is in reference to herself and their 12 children that have carried on LaVoy’s quest to educate.

Event Sponsored by Bob Murray Trucking

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