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How Is This Equal Representation?

Another Tax Levy Vote is scheduled for May 21st

How Is This Equal Representation?

How Is This Equal Representation?


It is a great country we live in when we can vote and live as a republic, choosing and being free to speak our opinion.

That being said I am unclear as to why there is an exception to our voting system for school levy votes. I do not know of anywhere else in our government where a vote can be taken up to 4 times a year, until they get what they want as does the school district?!

The school board is a group of five elected people who make all the choices for the district but as a community we are “not allowed” to talk with the board. I admit I was unaware and I was shocked when this came to light as I started going to meetings. How is this equal representation for all members of the community? We don’t meet with the “representatives” from our areas in separate meetings for two-way communication, but cannot do it at meetings either…

The chairman of the board, Sandy Brower stated in the Beacon that “Perhaps I am naïve, but I do not believe that deliberate deceitfulness is occurring”, but frankly who’s going to admit they’re being deceitful?

Another opinion stated that the kid’s enrollment going down means that the funding per student goes down as well. I don’t know what kind of math that is but when there is the same amount of money coming in and fewer people to share it, the per person amount actually goes UP! According to, WBCSD’s 2017-18, PER PUPIL expenditure is an astonishing $9,351 (before levy money)!!

Carolyn Mullen


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  1. This reminds me of the Washington state election between Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire? They just kept counting votes until they got the outcome they wanted. We could spend 100% of our incomes on education and it still wouldn’t be enough. Slash that word education and replace it with indoctrination. It wouldn’t surprise me that some of our tax money is spent on junkets to teach these people how to get levy’s on the ballot and what tactics to use so they pass?

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